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Providing Postdocs With a Quality Experience

Your Postdoctoral journey will be accompanied by tremendous support at Genentech. As one of our strongest assets, Genentech's rewarding four-year Postdoctoral Program offers you the chance to contribute to cutting-edge research at a highly visible company that provides the rich resources you are seeking. Here, you'll thrive through daily collaborations with world-class scientists both at the company and beyond Genentech's walls.

You'll work in either Research or Development Sciences, pairing up with Genentech's scientists to conduct research of the highest quality. By joining us on your postdoctoral path, you can become a part of one of the world's foremost postdoctoral programs and emerge as a critical contributor to our mission to develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines that treat people with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.

Program Highlights

  • An unrivaled opportunity to put yourself at the forefront of science, working with some of the world's most well-known and prolific scientists.
  • A nurturing environment - one that will enable you to develop into an independent scientific investigator.
  • The opportunity to pursue important scientific questions and watch your ideas move from the laboratory into development, then out into the clinic.
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