Focus on Oncology

At Genentech, we take a rigorous, comprehensive approach to understanding cancer biology and drug discovery.

Our scientists are leaders in the identification of novel cell surface molecules and are working to characterize tumor antigens that may be useful in fighting various forms of cancer. These tumor antigens are used to produce sophisticated monoclonal antibodies that selectively target the desired cancer to modulate function, mark cells for destruction by the immune system, or precisely deliver lethal doses of cytotoxic compounds.

We continue to expand our expertise in angiogenesis and apoptosis - discovering new basic insights and new therapeutic opportunities. Our major research programs also include unraveling complex signaling pathways, and targeting critical aspects of the cell cycle, metabolic regulators, and the immune response to cancer. Cancer stem cells are also rapidly becoming topics of exceptional excitement and opportunity.

Recent Publications

Cancer Cell, May 2013
Oncogenic ERBB3 Mutations in Human Cancers.
Science, March 2013
Phosphorylation of Dishevelled by Protein Kinase RIPK4 Regulates Wnt Signaling.
Cancer Research, March 2013
A Novel Tankyrase Small-molecule Inhibitor Suppresses APC Mutation-driven Colorectal Tumor Growth.
Science Translational Medicine, February 2013
Blocking NRG1 and Other Ligand-Mediated Her4 Signaling Enhances the Magnitude and Duration of the Chemotherapeutic Response of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
The Journal of Cell Biology, December 2012
Lkb1 regulates organogenesis and early oncogenesis along AMPK-dependent and -independent pathways.