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Erica Jackson

Senior Scientist, Discovery Oncology

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I came to Genentech after completing my postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF. At the time I was deciding whether to pursue a career in academia or a career in industry. In thinking about what motivated me to be a scientist, I realized that the reason I did cancer research was pretty simple; I wanted to help patients. There's no place better to do that than Genentech. As an added bonus I get to work with outstanding scientists in a highly collaborative environment.

My work at Genentech centers around gaining new insights into cancer biology to aid in the identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in oncology indications.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Having the opportunity to mentor postdocs doing true basic research projects is one of the key factors that makes Genentech the unique and highly respected company that it is. Having postdocs in the lab allows us to dive deeply into the biology of cancer, and the mechanisms by which different genes and pathways influence tumor cell heterogeneity, therapeutic resistance and relapse. I really enjoy the opportunity to mentor very smart and driven people, and to see them develop into independent scientists. Postdocs help all of us remember why we love science so much, and they bring an energy and excitement that everyone in the group benefits from.

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