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Jeff Settleman

Senior Director and Staff Scientist, Discovery Oncology

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Staff Scientist
"I find this to be an extremely exciting time in the history of oncology research."
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I joined Genentech in 2010, after having spent the previous 18 years on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. The move to Genentech was largely prompted by my steadily growing interest in the pursuit of novel therapeutic opportunities in cancer based on the rapidly accumulating understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying oncogenic processes and the response to drug treatment. I have found the research environment at Genentech to be remarkable in many respects. There is a very high bar for quality research, and decisions are always driven by the science. It’s been inspiring and exciting to work closely with such talented colleagues on such an important problem.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Being a post-doc mentor is very rewarding at several levels. It gives me the opportunity to “re-experience” the excitement of discovery that I enjoyed tremendously as a “bench scientist” many years ago when I was still performing experiments with my own hands. It’s also very satisfying to watch the development of young scientists as they mature in their approach to experimental design and data interpretation. My most important roles as a post-doc mentor are to maintain a stimulating lab environment, and to remind post-docs to pursue the most important questions and to continuously ask themselves whether they are taking the best approach to answering those questions.

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