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South San Francisco
California, United States of America

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The Position

We have a postdoctoral position open to study adult stem cells, differentiation and cell fate control in tissue maintenance, regeneration and cancer.

Notch signaling has long been appreciated as a key arbiter of cell fate determination, directing lineage decisions during development and tissue repair.  A previous postdoctoral discovery, however, revealed a new paradigm, one in which Notch controls cellular transdifferentiation in the adult lung epithelium.  Recent work strongly suggests that this paradigm extends to other tissues and, excitingly, may enable therapeutic targeting of cancers subtypes that reflect a transformed version of a normal adult progenitor cell.  We are currently testing this hypothesis in the liver, focusing on liver regeneration and liver cancers that exquisitely depend on Notch.  We suspect that the lessons learned here will apply to other tissues and tumors, particularly in the skin and ovaries.  The next generation of postdoctoral research will not only impact these basic scientific questions and therapeutic hypotheses but also may yield important general insights into adult stem cell function, damage responses and regeneration.

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Selected publications:

Notch signaling mediated by Delta-like ligands 1 and 4 controls the pathogenesis of chronic GVHD in mice

Blood, 2018

Vedran Radojcic; Katelyn Paz; Jooho Chung; Jing Du; Eric Perkey; Ryan Flynn; Sanja Ivcevic; Michael Zaiken; Ann Friedman; Minhong Yan; Maria A. Pletneva; Stefanie Sarantopoulos; Christian W. Siebel; Bruce R. Blazar; Ivan Maillard

Constitutive NOTCH3 signaling promotes basal breast cancer growth.  

Cancer Research, 2017

Lisa Choy; Thijs Hagenbeek; Margaret Solon; Dorothy French; David Finkle; Amy Shelton; Rayna Venook; Matthew Brauer; Chris Siebel

Therapeutic antibodies reveal Notch control of transdifferentiation in the adult lung

Nature, 2015

Daniel Lafkas; Amy Shelton; Cecilia Chiu; Gladys Boenig; Yongmei Chen; Scott Stawicki; Christian Siltanen; Mike Reichelt; Meijuan Zhou; Xiumin Wu; Jeff Eastham Anderson; Heather Moore; Meron Roose-Girma; Yvonne Chinn; Julie Q. Hang; Soren Warming; Jackson Egen; Wyne Lee; Cary Austin; Yan Wu; Jian Payandeh; John B. Lowe (Path); Chris Siebel

Therapeutic antibody targeting of individual Notch receptors

Nature, 2010

Yan Wu; Carol Cain-Hom; Lisa Choy; Thijs Hagenbeek; Gladys P. De Leon; Yongmei Chen; David Finkle; Rayna Venook; Xiumin Wu; John Brady; Dorreyah Schahin-Reed; Graham Dow; Amy Shelton; Scott Stawicki; Ryan Watts; Jeff Zhang; Robert Choy; Peter Howard; Lisa Kadyk; Minhong Yan; Jiping Zha; Chris Callahan; Sarah Hymowitz; Chris Siebel


Candidates should have a doctoral degree and at least one first-author paper published or accepted in a peer-reviewed journal, with technical expertise in molecular and cellular biology.  Experience working with animal models, especially mice, is desirable, as is knowledge of developmental signaling pathways, stem cell regulation and biochemistry.


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