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South San Francisco
California, United States of America

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The Position

The Position

The TechDev group within Genentech’s Early Clinical Development (ECD) is seeking a Technology Development Manager for human-relevant 3D systems.  You will identify and prioritize opportunities based on ECD’s business needs, perform analysis, prepare scientific questions, design proof-of-concept experiments, develop and secure approval for business cases, manage proofs of concept, and for successful pilots, secure cross-functional agreement to scale.  

For this personalized medicine work, you will endeavor to apply 3D-system technology to clinical trials.  Specifically, you will explore the co-clinical use of ex vivo tools to mimic patient biology and how these capabilities can impact clinical trial design.  You will focus on the identification and practical implementation of a variety of microphysiological systems (MPS) technologies with advanced informatics and AI techniques to model patient-specific outcomes.  In addition to scientific competence, this role requires an in-depth understanding of the business processes involved in drug development.

You will work closely with collaborators across all research and early development disciplines in therapeutic areas such as oncology and cancer immunotherapy, immune and inflammatory disorders, ocular disease, neurological disorders, and more.  Communication and collaboration are thus critical skills. You will be expected to perform your responsibilities independently, with minimal content supervision.


  • Responsible for business-needs analysis and external scouting activities (competitive landscape assessment) to identify relevant novel opportunities in alignment with ECD strategic goals

  • Lead the implementation of clinical applications of novel technologies (e.g. human-relevant 3D systems) in Early Clinical Development, including the development of an overall strategy as well as specific experiments to show proof-of-concept

  • Identify key scientific questions and design experiments to address them

  • Development of scientific proof-of-concept experiments as well as business cases for recommendation and presentation to ECD leadership

  • Project management for proofs of concept

Abilities and Skills

  • The ideal candidate will have a combination of business acumen and a strong scientific background in cell and molecular biology as well as direct experience with complex in vitro models

  • Experience with state-of-the-art MPS technologies/platforms ranging from spheroids and organoids to complex microfluidic “organ-on-a-chip” technologies

  • Interpersonal and problem-solving skills, superb oral and written communication skills, and analytical capabilities

  • An established network of contacts in key technology, academia and Biopharma companies

Qualifications and Experience

  • Masters, PhD, and/or post-doctorate or equivalent experience in biomedical engineering, immunology, pharmacology, cellular or molecular biology, toxicology, pharmaceutical sciences, or a related field

  • 6+ years experience in Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry or academic research

  • In-depth understanding of drug development business processes, including Phase I-II drug development with 3+ years of experience in clinical development

  • Experience working with the principles and techniques of data analysis, interpretation, and assessment of clinical relevance


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