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Date Job Title Job Level Location
10/18/17 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, James Ernst Lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow to join the Ernst and Hoogenraad Labs in the Departments of Protein Chemistry and Neuroscience within Genentech’s Research and Early Development organization. The ideal candidate for the position will use a variety of biochemical, cell biology and biophysical techniques to understand the fundamental processes of trafficking, endocytosis and/or receptor-ligand interactions.

The Ernst Lab focuses on the areas of large molecule drug development, particularly in the area neurodegenerative disease. Among our interests, is the tissue targeting of biologic molecules, antibodies and signaling molecules. A long-term goal of the group is to understand how antibodies traffic within tissues, especially at the blood-brain barrier, and to identify novel drug targets or methods to improve the potency of therapeutic candidates against existing targets.

Selected publications form the Ernst Lab:

Selective Homogeneous Assay for Circulating Endopeptidase Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP). Bainbridge, T. W., Dunshee, D. R., Kljavin, N. M., Skelton, N. J., Junichiro Sonoda, J., and Ernst, J. A. (2017) Scientific Reports

Effector attenuating substitutions that maintain antibody stability and reduce toxicity in mice. Lo M, Kim HS, Tong RK, Bainbridge TW, Vernes JM, Zhang Y, Lin YL, Chung S, Dennis MS, Zuchero YJ, Watts RJ, Couch JA, Meng YG, Atwal JK, Brezski RJ, Spiess C, Ernst JA. J Biol Chem. 2017 Jan 11.

Fibroblast Activation Protein Cleaves and Inactivates Fibroblast Growth Factor. Dunshee DR, Bainbridge TW, Kljavin NM, Zavala-Solorio J, Schroeder AC, Chan R, Corpuz R, Wong M, Zhou W, Deshmukh G, Ly J, Sutherlin DP, Ernst JA, Sonoda J. 21. J Biol Chem. 2016 Mar 11;291(11):5986-96.

Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier in Non-Human Primates with TfR Bispecific Antibodies. Sci Transl Med. Yu YJ, Atwal JK, Yin Zhang, Tong RK, Wildsmith KR, Tan C, Bien-Ly N, Hersom MMaloney JA, Hoyte K, Luk W, Lu Y, Ernst JA, Couch JA, Dennis MS, and Watts RJ. 2014 Nov 5;6(261):261ra154. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3009835.

Discovery of Novel Blood-Brain Barrier Targets to Enhance Brain Uptake of Therapeutic Antibodies. Zuchero YJ, Chen X, Bien-Ly N, Bumbaca D, Tong RK, Gao X, Zhang S, Hoyte K, Luk W, Huntley MA, Phu L, Tan C, Kallop D, Weimer RM, Lu Y, Kirkpatrick DS, Ernst JA, Chih B, Dennis MS, Watts RJ. Neuron. 2016 Jan 6;89(1):70-82.

Molecular Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease Protection by the A673T Allele of Amyloid Precursor Protein. Maloney JA, Bainbridge T, Gustafson A, Zhang S, Kyauk R, Steiner P, van der Brug M, Liu Y1, Ernst JA*, Watts RJ*, Atwal JK. J Biol Chem. 2014 Sep 24. pii: jbc.M114.589069.

Selected publications form the Hoogenraad Lab:

Dynamic Palmitoylation Targets MAP6 to the Axon to Promote Microtubule Stabilization during Neuronal Polarization. Tortosa E, Adolfs Y, Fukata M, Pasterkamp RJ, Kapitein LC, Hoogenraad CC. Neuron. 2017 May 17;94(4):809-825.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2017.04.042.

DeActs: genetically encoded tools for perturbing the actin cytoskeleton in single cells.
Harterink M, da Silva ME, Will L, Turan J, Ibrahim A, Lang AE, van Battum EY, Pasterkamp RJ, Kapitein LC, Kudryashov D, Barres BA, Hoogenraad CC, Zuchero JB.
Nat Methods. 2017 May;14(5):479-482. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.4257. Epub 2017 Apr 10.

Probing cytoskeletal modulation of passive and active intracellular dynamics using nanobody-functionalized quantum dots. Katrukha EA, Mikhaylova M, van Brakel HX, van Bergen En Henegouwen PM, Akhmanova A, Hoogenraad CC, Kapitein LC. Nat Commun. 2017 Mar 21;8:14772. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14772.

Quantitative Map of Proteome Dynamics during Neuronal Differentiation. Frese CK, Mikhaylova M, Stucchi R, Gautier V, Liu Q, Mohammed S, Heck AJR, Altelaar AFM, Hoogenraad CC. Cell Rep. 2017 Feb 7;18(6):1527-1542. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.01.025.

For more information on James Ernst lab, please visit:

Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at:

10/18/17 Engineer I - Manufacturing Sciences - Vacaville Individual Contributor Vacaville, California

The Vacaville Mfg. Sciences Purification (MS Pur) group is dedicated to providing scientific and technical support to the Vacaville manufacturing operations, from harvest through drug substance formulation and storage .  The MS Pur group works in collaboration with Manufacturing, Process Development, Quality, and other technical and business functions in order to ensure efficient and safe drug substance manufacturing processes for the production of multiple recombinant proteins.  MS Pur is responsible for process monitoring and analysis, receiving new processes from Process Development or other manufacturing sites, process performance troubleshooting, maintenance of the process validated state and ongoing process improvement. MS Pur pursues scientific excellence and employee development in achieving its goals. 
The open position is for an Engineer / Manufacturing Technical Specialist with responsibility for monitoring and analyzing manufacturing process data, maintenance of the process validated state and the configuration of data acquisition systems used by department staff to organize process information, enabling the efficient transfer/stewardship of manufacturing processes
Specific responsibilities for this position will include (but are not limited to):
  • Site Technical steward of purification process, including specification of process requirements, monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting, and maintenance of process validated state.
  • Contribute to the development and on-going support of process monitoring computer systems with the overall goal of streamlining the staff’s ability to monitor and analyze manufacturing process data.
  • Author documents and assemble technical information to support process transfer and ongoing manufacturing.
  • Under the guidance of more senior staff, provide technical support for investigations, product impact assessments, inspections, corrective action/preventive action and other quality commitments.
  • Participate in new technology evaluation. Contribute to the supporting data necessary for change implementation. Interact with planning and manufacturing groups to execute process improvement projects
  • Contribute to network teams dedicated to product stewardship, purification process validation and unit operation best practices.
In addition to core responsibilities, the successful candidate may be asked to perform additional technical assignments.
10/18/17 Senior Scientific Researcher, Immunology Discovery, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

For 40 years, Genentech has been at the forefront of the biotechnology industry, using innovative science to develop breakthrough medicines that improve the lives of people with serious or life-threatening diseases. We’re also passionate about our people and know they are our most important asset. For our employees, we foster an inclusive environment that encourages diversity and we offer highly competitive benefits that help them manage the many demands on their time

We are looking to hire a bright, highly motivated and independent Senior Scientific researcher to join the lab of Dr. Heinrich Jasper within the Immunology Discovery Group.

We have an opportunity for a creative, enthusiastic and independent researcher to join the Immunology Discovery department as a Senior Scientific Researcher, to study inflammatory signaling in homeostasis, aging, and disease. The successful candidate will participate in the discovery and interrogation of novel pathways and processes involved in a wide range of age-related inflammatory and degenerative diseases, and that influence tissue regeneration in homeostatic conditions. Leveraging our in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo model systems, she or he will have the opportunity to discover and characterize novel biology with the goal of developing innovative therapies.

10/18/17 Designer Individual Contributor Vacaville, California

Designer (E2)
The Vacaville Site currently maintains ~17,000 multi-discipline drawings for the site. The site undergoes on average ~1500-2000 drawing modification per year. A site CAD designer proficient in the Roche and Vacaville CAD standards and procedures are instrumental in maintaining, creating, and editing our drawings. The request is to backfill the sole CAD Designer position in the Engineering Document Control department.
Core competencies required for this position include Technical Expertise, Teamwork and Collaboration, Innovation and Achieving Results
  • Responsible for creating new drawings (2D/3D), CAD conversions and editing of existing multi-discipline drawings per Genentech requirements and providing man-hour estimates for such assignments.
  • Review (checking/peer review) CAD drawings.
  • Support walk down verifications as needed.
  • Support the design and drafting of regulatory-related drawings; interact with system and area owners in preparing and completing these drawings.
  • Lead the CADD Standards administration, standards conformance checks and interaction with AE partners.
  • Proactively interact with Document Management in the pre-check of transmittals to complete the DCN process of these files.
  • Support projects with drawing research activities and drawing reconciliations.
  • Support in-house CAD and Drawing Management training activities as needed.
  • Collaborate with the Roche network for CAD best practices.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and operations of the CAD plotters and printers.
10/17/17 Management Associate, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking a self-starter, high-energy person who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment. This position will provide high-level administrative support to the Vice President, Physiological Chemistry, as well as scientists and staff of the Physiological Chemistry Department.In this role, you will contribute to organizational and corporate goals to ensure the smooth daily operation of the department. You will also interface with other departments throughout Research and with other areas of the company.In this role you will be responsible for a wide range of administrative duties. 

General office responsibilities include: 

  • Calendar: Proactively manages Vice President’s calendar and scheduling of various internal and external meetings including WebEx teleconferences. Ensures maximum effective use of the VP’s time and evaluates appropriate use of time or required attendance. In addition, regular calendaring of standing meetings within the department as well as outside of the department meetings.
  • Travel: Coordinates and schedules travel (U.S. and International travel), accommodations and other travel requirements for the VP as needed. Includes making airline, hotel and transportation arrangements, preparing travel itineraries and detailed travel informational packet for the VP to have while traveling. 
  • Expense Reports: Supports VP and other team members in compiling, completing and processing expense reports. Also reconcile purchasing card in a timely manner.
  • Visitors/Consultants: Coordinates and arranges for guest research speakers/consultants from the U.S. and Europe including all scheduling, travel arrangements, expense report processing. Determine if a visitor is a Health Care Provider and process any additional paperwork through the Health Care Provider or International Health Care Provider system. 
  • Meeting Planning and Off-sites: Coordinates and schedules departmental off-sites, team meetings, and other larger-scale meetings or events; may attend these meetings to provide onsite support. 
  • Contracts/Purchase Orders: Supports VP and his direct reports and other team members in external vendor contracting, purchase order et-up, review and processing of invoices as well as other vendor communication. 
Other Aspects

  • Acts as the departmental “go-to-person” for general operational or administrative questions.
  • Works independently under general supervision and is self-motivated. Has outstanding organizational skills, including the ability to manage several tasks concurrently. Ability to anticipate impact on other areas and is able to address problems by developing practical, thorough, and creative solutions without relying on supervisory review.
  • Must be able to prioritize, problem-solve, and work independently, practice strong organizational skills pro-actively, and exercise judgment and discretion regarding sensitive/confidential and proprietary information.
  • Participate, plan, coordinate and prioritize work within and across departments by providing project leadership, direction, training, and assistance to others.
  • Understand and troubleshoot from a broad perspective and anticipate the impact of office administration problems and solutions on other areas.
  • Able to handle routine and impromptu assignments with minimal or no supervision.
  • Assist the Postdoctoral Fellow Program administrator when needed.

10/17/17 Sr. / Principal (Lead) Informatics Specialist, DevSci Informatics Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

Development Sciences Informatics is seeking a talented and experienced Informatician to lead scientific data management efforts. Development Sciences (DevSci) is a translational science organization that plays a critical role in Genentech Research and Early Development as well as late stage development of our products at Roche. DevSci supports drug discovery and development projects across all therapeutic areas from discovery to launch and beyond. We are poised at a unique time when large volumes of complex and varied internal and external data needs to be readily accessible to ensure that swift interpretation and decision making can occur. These data impact decisions in ongoing preclinical and clinical programs, and provide key knowledge to inform new target discovery. DevSci Informatics is accountable for leading the strategy and execution around data lifecycle management, data standards, analytics infrastructure, ongoing data operations and informatics systems.

Major Responsibilities:
The Lead Informatics Specialist is responsible for driving a variety of complex informatics projects and servcies to enable the storage, organization, dissemination, and analytics of dynamic data generated from innovative research and exploratory and clinical studies. This position may or may not have direct reports.

  • With thorough understanding of R&D data pipelines, establish and maintain the technical and scientific partnership with scientific functions. Communicate effectively with key stake holders and senior management.
  • Lead strategic planning and implementation of data management solutions for multiple functions to ensure data accessibility, quality, and integrity.
  • Establish standardized processes and develop tool sets for collection, transformation and visualization of large dynamic data sets. Identify opportunities and implement solutions to streamline data management work flow and to enable data analysis for DevSci functions.
  • Lead scientific business analysis and implementation of software systems aligned with DevSci scientific objectives. Evaluate systems to accommodate ongoing data management needs.
  • Work extensively with scientists and operations managers within DevSci, and collaborate frequently with clinical scientists, statisticians, and database specialists across the company.
  • Lead project teams and drive complex data management projects. Manage contract services per business needs.


10/17/17 Business Operations Analyst Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

Relocation is not designated for this position.

The Business Operations Analyst (BOA) will report to and work in close partnership with the Global Head of Business Management Office and colleagues in the BMO. The role will operate and own RWDS business solutions and processes and provide project management support on functional initiatives. The role is designed to adapt to our emerging functional needs and the ideal candidate is a self-starter, fast learner that is attuned to people and thoughtful problem-solving. We are looking for a pragmatic and proactive team player that enjoys contributing to the streamlined and efficient operation of the RWDS function.

Primary Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Event Management: Contributes to design of and provides tactical project management support for events.
  • Process Management: Manages content to ensure currency and relevancy of RWDS process guidance. Owns and runs processes internal to RWDS to support resource management, financial forecasting, portfolio management, operations dashboard updates, generating communications and outreach plans
  • Quality & Compliance Management: Owns quality management plan and generation of metrics to monitor performance for leadership team action.
  • Resource Management: Manages resource planning and generates reports or metrics to recommend leadership team action
  • Service Provider Management: Owns oversight and business process design to ensure efficient management of outsourced work. Acts as single point of contact for service provider management process questions/concerns. Business owner for Research Reporter workflow tool.
  • Communications/Change Management: Owns smooth working of internal communication channels, Craft meaningful messages for internal stakeholders; Monitoring effectiveness of communication channels and recommending improvements to engage our staff.
  • Project Management: Provide initiative project management and tracking support for strategic investments/activities; Support RWDS stakeholder management.

10/17/17 Global Head of Regulatory Submissions Team Leader Basel, Basel-Town

The Regulatory Submissions Group (RSG) is responsible for the compilation, publishing and submission/dissemination of reports and dossiers to health authorities worldwide. Working closely with Regulatory and cross-functional colleagues, RSG prepares high-quality submission formats that meet the requirements of health authorities and that present a strong, positive image of Roche/Genentech dossiers to reviewers.


As global head, you will provide strategic direction to RSG by leading and managing staff across all sites. You will be a core member of the Regulatory Operations (PDRO) leadership team and contribute to the annual and long-term vision, mission, strategy and infrastructure of global PDRO.


Tasks / Responsibilities:


  • Leads identification, planning and implementation of the appropriate infrastructure for the global group, including organizational design, resource requirements, budget, short-, medium- and long-term capacity.
  • Ensures delivery and consistent execution of regulatory submissions according to timelines and expectations.
  • Monitors the compilation of submissions in eCTD and CTD format and other publishing activities across multiple projects; ensures overall submission quality and compliance with Roche standards, International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical
  • Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) and other regulatory guidelines.
  • Stays abreast of internal and external developments, trends and other dynamics relevant to the submissions and publishing; ensures staff awareness and training regarding laws, regulations and guidelines governing the development, licensure and marketing of drugs and biologics.
  • Leads recruitment, hiring and on-boarding for direct reports and other key positions in the group; drives performance management, talent management and succession planning for the global group.
10/17/17 Intern- Pharma Technical Operation- Facilities & Engineering Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The internship positions are within the Facilities & Engineering organization at Genentech’s South San Francisco Production (SSFP) facility. This organization drives engineering projects in support of cGMP manufacturing of both Clinical and Commercial products and .work alongside Manufacturing, Validation, Process Engineering, Process Development, and Quality partners in order to ensure continuous, efficient, and safe production of multiple biologics at SSFP.  We are the center of excellence for process and utility engineering expertise, sanitary equipment design, equipment management, reliability, and GMP project delivery to enable SSFP’s right to operate and to mitigate business and/or quality risks. Further insight into the SSFP manufacturing process can be found at 

In this position, you will support engineering and project management related tasks. You will provide engineering, scientific and technical judgment as part of a team responsible for delivering high quality bio-pharmaceutical products to patients. Integrity, accountability, and strong dedication to the patients we serve are critical to this role.  Possible assignments include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Equipment Divestment, Modifications, and Process Improvements: Learn the specific activities related to project management in the Engineering role by engaging with customers and cross functional departments and/or external vendors for procurement of new equipment and instruments, including modification and decommissioning of existing equipment and systems. Learn and apply cGMP principles. Review vendor drawings, walk-down of piping and instrumentation diagrams, participate in equipment design, instrument specification, and unit operations data review. Perform engineering calculations for process equipment, as needed. Gain an understanding of how technical change control and continuous improvements are implemented for cGMP manufacturing equipment and systems. 

2. SAP 5S: Support the SAP 5S project team for the F&E department. 5S refers to a lean manufacturing methodology that drives continual improvement and efficiencies through five principles: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. SAP 5S refers to the cleanup and organization/ re-organization of equipment data in SAP to match established SSFP guidelines and Roche network standards. Following are the key responsibilities: Interpret Piping & Instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) of several manufacturing equipment systems and compare technical information to that of the physical equipment through walk-downs.  Coordinate with subject matter experts (SMEs) from several to get answers for questions that arise during project execution. Identify engineering documents required for the project, by using multiple electronic systems and also by accessing hard copy documents in the library on campus.  Based on the walk-downs, create data using validated templates (DPIs) to upload equipment related data to SAP. 

3. Utilities Support: Provide engineering support to the SSFP- Utilities organization. Play a key role in ensuring that all parts of the plant are supplied with compliant utilities and that our plant can continue to supply medicine to patients for years to come. Work on troubleshooting issues with Utilities as needed, in conjunction with a team of SMEs. Evaluate Standard Operating Procedures and Preventive Maintenance (PM) procedures for accuracy and applicability. Execute work to consolidate Preventative maintenance procedures into Maintenance strategies format as needed. Support the Maintenance Strategies project work execution which might include consolidation of PM procedures, developing work instructions, gathering of calibration data for instruments, etc.
4. Capital Expenditure Project Support: Support the design, construction, and qualification of a pure steam generator providing clean steam to our clinical manufacturing area. Reliable access to quality steam enables the sanitization of equipment during preparations for manufacturing drug product. Depending on start date, responsibilities could include: Developing and maintaining project schedule. Working with a team to establish the initial user requirements and design documents for the equipment. Reviewing vendor quotes  to ensure the equipment meets our standards and contributing to project finance discussions. On-site testing of new equipment. Learning how to apply good engineering practices for sanitary equipment at every stage of a capital expenditure project. During downtime for this project, duties will overlap with those described in Equipment Modification and Process Improvement Role. 

Benefit for Extended Internship:
Develop general knowledge/skills/experience regarding management of capital and expense projects required to support a GMP manufacturing facility. 
Develop familiarity with engineering activities and workflows. 
Develop high sense for quality and project management tasks.
Exposure to Genentech business processes, people and culture.
Develop service oriented communication and team orientation skills.
Gain understanding of how technical change control and continuous improvements are implemented for  cGMP manufacturing equipment and system.
Network with Genentech professionals while summarizing project highlights and accomplishments for poster/oral presentation at staff/department meetings.

10/16/17 Senior Medical Science Liaison, Respiratory (NC/SC/GA/FL/PR) Individual Contributor Florida

Senior MSL - (NC/SC/GA/FL/PR

Key Accountabilities 
In this position, you will be primarily accountable for consistently, effectively:

  • Representing the assigned molecules/products, franchise(s) and overall therapeutic area(s) to the highest ethical and professional standards and in accordance with guidelines, direction and key marketing strategies
  • Responding to on- and off-label questions with the highest integrity, compliance and adherence to legal, regulatory and Genentech guidelines, policies & procedures
  • Building and cultivating important working relationships internally and externally 
  • Providing clinical expertise and feedback regarding operational management that effectively and efficiently guides clinical trials, other studies and investigations 
  • Providing clinical expertise in the development, management and maintenance of clinical and scientific communications, including research, publications, and educational materials, meeting/event presentations and information, etc.
  • Actively and effectively participating in various internal and external clinical and scientific education programs, meetings, presentations and other forums; providing in-depth clinical and operational expertise and insights regarding the assigned molecules/products, franchise(s), and overall therapeutic area(s)
  • When assigned, identifying and completing special projects
  • Ensuring assigned goals and objectives are met and that assigned projects and other work are completed on time, to high standards and within budget 

Example Responsibilities 

In this position, you will: 


  • Work with manager, peers, other partners and stakeholders in the development and alignment of medical plan tactics at the regional and local MSL levels: 
  • Participating in a variety of cross-functional tactical planning meetings, reviews and discussions
  • As assigned, supporting your manager, medical directors, and other peers in gathering information, analyses, research and reporting to support national, regional, and local tactical planning
  • With assistance from your manager, using national and regional medical plans for the assigned molecules/products to develop and align the tactical plan for your geography of responsibility
  • Providing input to manager regarding travel, budget and other resource requirements to meet or exceed assigned goals and objectives
  • Build and cultivate relationships with internal cross-functional partners, such as Franchise Sales, Franchise Marketing, Managed Care & Customer Operations, Thought Leader Services, Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development, Product Development, Clinical Operations, Commercial Operations and other Medical Affairs groups
  • Build and cultivate relationships with the local scientific and medical communities, including study site clinical research staff, clinical investigators, physicians, other healthcare professionals, as well as regional thought leaders 

  • As appropriate, support design and development of clinical trials, other studies and investigations
  • Support Clinical Operations with Phase III studies, by providing clinical support at investigator sites
  • Evaluate, review and propose, when and where appropriate, revisions to protocols in support of the development and/or medical strategies of the assigned product(s). As and when approved, undertake the necessary revisions to protocols, ensuring full compliance with all established procedures and guidelines, as well as appropriate communication to other involved/impacted colleagues and/or external parties 
  • Work with a host of cross-functional partners to develop plans and tactics for implementation and completion of clinical trials, studies and other investigations. Includes plans for developing and recruiting for patient registries, clinical and scientific communications, publications, clinical and scientific education, advisory boards, clinical and scientific congresses, other conferences and meetings, etc. 
  • Work with Medical Communications and Publication Planning to develop, disseminate and manage calendars and timelines for clinical and scientific communications, publication plans and other relevant research, data, information and communications for assigned molecules/products 

  • Maintain the highest standards and levels of scientific, clinical and technical expertise in the specific therapeutic area(s) of assignment; reviewing and keeping updated on scientific/medical journals and other relevant publications, attending scientific, clinical, commercial and other key meetings, forums, venues, etc., as well as continuous communication and effective partnering with various Genentech and Roche groups
  • As assigned, complete special projects
10/16/17 Competitive Intelligence Manager Personalised Healthcare (temporary for 1 year) Individual Contributor Basel, Basel-Town

GPS (Global Product Strategy) drives the business strategy at Roche from research to commercialization.  GPS collaborates closely with teams across the organization to bring new therapies to the market and maximize the launched product portfolio. SI&A provides strategic direction for GPS though making insight-based recommendations that will drive competitive differentiation of products to enable success in the market.

With your ability to work in the detail yet see the big picture you can develop your ability to influence the direction an organization. Roche is an organization, which offers you opportunities to build your career inside or outside of GPS. With offices in 160 countries, we offer a truly international experience depending on where your interests take you.

Would you like to collaborate in the GPS mission to transform great science into a better life for patients everywhere?

In this Global Competitive Intelligence role, you will be a strategic business partner to the Personalised Healthcare Centre of Excellence and cross-functional teams and will:

  • Act as a competitive intelligence (CI) expert in developing and delivering regular, objective CI analyses, insights and reporting, including competitor landscapes, threat assessments, strategic workshops, SWOTs, strategic overviews of competitor companies, etc.
  • Partner across Business Insights & Operations, Global Product Strategy and key affiliate teams to understand business strategies and needs and ensure delivery of targeted CI to meet or exceed internal partner/stakeholder objectives
  • Lead the collection of CI from internal and external sources and undertaking the synthesis and dissemination of this information to support decision-making
  • Manage external CI or other relevant vendor relationships and deliverables
  • Ensure assigned goals and objectives are met and that assigned projects and other work are completed on time, to high standards and within budget

10/16/17 HR Strategic Planning Advisor Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

HR Strategic Planning Advisor

The HR Strategic Planning Advisor has responsibility to advise and support the Human Resources Leadership Team (HRLT) regarding strategic planning, portfolio management, and program management.


In conjunction with the Head of People Analytics Advisory Services, this role will act as a strategist and advisor and will work with the Human Resources leadership team (HRLT), People Analytics, and Finance as well as collaborating alongside a wide variety of key HR and business stakeholders to consult on topics of strategic and organizational effectiveness, organizational capacity, resource allocation, and structures that enhance program effectiveness.


The HR Strategic Planning Advisor will use data science, emerging trends in Biopharma and HR, and business insights to enhance HR’s outcome-orientation, capability for data driven decision making, and agility. Focus will be on both short-term and longer term planning. The HR Strategic Planning Advisor will report to the Head of People Analytics Advisory Services.

Key Responsibilities:
Monitor HR Program Effectiveness

  • Identify, analyze, and deliver business intelligence for internal and external data
  • Assess impact and establish ongoing performance mechanisms to monitor HR program effectiveness (throughput, capacity, load balance, operational efficiencies) and portfolio management
  • Build frameworks, tools, and templates for programmatic usage
  • Regularly engage with HR leadership and other key business and HR stakeholders to assess realized value
  • Monitor HR expenses and investments and conduct cost and activity based modeling 

Decision Enabling Solution Development

  • Process consulting to conduct analysis of current state, problems and gaps, best-fit solutions, and detailed action plans
  • Develop mechanisms to inform the prioritization and allocation of budget and resourcing to increase overall HR effectiveness and value realization
  • Provide input regarding strategic planning and portfolio optimization
  • Influencing decisions and action taking through strong collaboration and networking, analytical models, and planning methodologies
  • Enable greater HR agility by bringing real time insights to prioritization and resource allocation decisions

Relationship Management and Facilitation

  • Engage wide range of stakeholders up and down the organization to build and maintain relationships
  • Work with stakeholders and present findings and recommendations to executive leaders
  • Run focus groups and facilitate workshops regarding portfolio management and prioritization
  • Act as the direct liaison with senior HR leadership to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions

This position is based in South San Francisco, CA and is not eligible for relocation.
10/16/17 Director of Diversity & Inclusion Executive (Director/VP/SVP) South San Francisco, California

The Director of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) develops, leads and implements strategic objectives that enable all employees to perform their best work. This leader will drive critical focus areas for the company in their role as a culture catalyst. This includes evolving our strategies for engaging a diverse and inclusive workforce, strengthening sense of belonging and community, accelerating the development of innovation capabilities across the organization, and ultimately making a positive difference in the lives of the patients we serve around the world.


The position reports to the Senior Vice President, Human Resources and will manage a team of experienced team members. This person will interact with senior leaders from all areas of our business and be a thought leader and trusted advisor in a dynamic and evolving landscape. In addition, the Director of D&I will represent Genentech with multiple external constituencies including U.S. Government Agencies and a variety of Professional Organizations and Affiliations, serving as spokesperson for the company. ? 


  • As the leader for our diversity and inclusion strategies, this leader will plan, develop and direct strategies to help the company more effectively recruit, develop and retain our diverse workforce and increase the organization’s ability to support an environment where all people feel included and comfortable being themselves, thereby leading to a stronger sense of belonging/community and ultimately greater innovation and success.  This leader will help engage and inspire HR colleagues and business leaders to discover and experiment with approaches that are business-focused, yet move beyond conventional thinking. 
  • This is a role for an experienced professional accustomed to advising at the executive level and collaborating effectively with colleagues across an array of operational functions within and outside of HR and Genentech/Roche as a whole.
  • Develops and implements compelling, strategic initiatives that distinguish the organization as innovative thought leaders. Shapes solutions that draw the connections between diversity, inclusion, belonging and ultimately innovation for the company.
  • Proactively identifies current and future needs and trends, shaping business and competency development to inform the evolution of innovative future talent acquisition, development and retention solutions for the enterprise. 
  • Collaborates effectively regarding programs and initiatives to improve recruitment, development and retention of a high-performing diverse and inclusive workforce - the leader and his/her team does this in close partnership and collaboration with other teams such as Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, People Analytics, Total Rewards, HRBPs, etc.
  • Partners with HR across the globe, business leaders and other stakeholders to develop strategic initiatives to develop and embed inclusion and innovation capabilities
  • Plays an essential role in integrating and embedding diversity and inclusion into talent management processes, tools, etc. 
  • Supports the development of integrated strategies for talent management of a diverse global leadership pipeline.
  • Works with Genentech’s Affinity Groups to leverage their passion and interest in furthering the company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging.
  • Consults to improve our organization’s environment; ensuring we foster a culture that is inclusive, innovative, willing to take risks and proactively leverages multiple dimensions of diversity to enhance employee engagement.
  • Provides input into education and learning platforms based on organizational needs and in keeping with evolving best practices to create awareness and commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and innovation.
  • Develops metrics to drive desired outcomes that are specific to the business needs and culturally appropriate for the United States. Prepares Genentech Executive Committee and Board of Director reports, including metrics, ROI, accomplishments, as well as future activities and strategies.
  • This leader also oversees our affirmative action / equal opportunity compliance programs.  Responsible for Affirmative Action Plans enterprise-wide. Interprets EEO trends and overall diversity data; partners with HR Business Partners in the development of specific actionable plans with clear accountability and metrics to address any gaps.  Manages the company’s compliance to regulations enforced by the OFCCP and other applicable federal and state agencies


10/16/17 Process Development Summer Internship Entry Level South San Francisco, California

U.S. Biologics Technical Development (USBTD) develops, delivers, and supports robust, cost-effective production methods and technologies for innovative protein-based therapeutics to meet the needs of Genentech’s Research, Development, Commercial, and Product Operations groups. The group has long been recognized as a world leader in developing large-scale manufacturing processes, sophisticated analytical methods, and effective drug delivery systems.

We are currently recruiting for Process Development Summer Interns in USBTD for our South San Francisco, CA headquarters.  The three-month internship will begin in May/June 2018.

As a Process Development Intern, you will be assigned a project in one of the following areas within USBTD:

Cell Culture and Fermentation Development
Purification Development
Protein Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Operations
Pharmaceutical Development
Drug Delivery Technology Development
Device Development
Pilot Plant Operations
Process Development Engineering

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This program provides a broad perspective and appreciation of the development of new processes, methods and technologies at different production scales in the biotechnology industry. ?
10/16/17 Process Development Fall 6-Month Internship Entry Level South San Francisco, California

U.S. Biologics Technical Development (USBTD) develops, delivers, and supports robust, cost-effective production methods and technologies for innovative protein-based therapeutics to meet the needs of Genentech’s Research, Development, Commercial, and Product Operations groups. The group has long been recognized as a world leader in developing large-scale manufacturing processes, sophisticated analytical methods and effective drug delivery systems.

We are currently recruiting for Process Development Fall Interns in USBTD for our South San Francisco, CA headquarters. The six-month internship position will begin in June/July 2018.

As a Process Development Intern, you will be assigned a project in one of the following areas within USBTD:

Cell Culture and Fermentation Development
Purification Development
Protein Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Operations
Pharmaceutical Development
Drug Delivery Technology Development
Device Development
Pilot Plant Operations
Process Development Engineering

Please visit for general descriptions of some of these departments.  

This program provides a broad perspective and appreciation of the development of new processes, methods and technologies at different production scales in the biotechnology industry. 
10/15/17 Statistical Scientist Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

You will be aligned therapeutically with cross-functional Medical Affairs teams to provide statistical and analytical leadership in the development and execution of medical strategies, plans and projects. Like other team members in Biostatistics, you will be responsible for the statistical integrity, adequacy and accuracy of pre-launch, launch and post-marketing clinical studies other investigations and assessments, including exploratory analyses. As such, you will be a standing member of the assigned Medical Team, may also lead Biostatistics teams, as well as participate in other cross-functional projects or working teams.  Given the nature of their positions, statistical scientists also work closely with their counterparts in Pharmaceutical Development and potentially Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development to align clinical data and statistics across varying drug development phases.
You will be expected to perform your responsibilities with increased expertise and independence.
Where assigned, you will also act as Medical Affairs representatives in related review and decision-making forums or committees, including, where applicable, representing Biostatistics input and data in health authority meetings, presentations and communications.
All Roche employees are expected to effectively contribute to cross-functional collaboration and coordination and comply with all laws, regulations, policies & procedures that govern our business.
Key Accountabilities:
  • Contributing statistical and analytical direction, insights, recommendations and overall input into development and execution of 3- and 1-year medical strategies, plans, objectives and projects
  • Developing, implementing and overseeing timely, thorough, consistent, and quality execution of statistical analysis plans that support medical strategies, plans, projects and objectives and assure statistical integrity, adequacy and accuracy
  • Providing appropriate biostatistics inputs and direction for the assigned products into a variety of pre-launch, launch and post-marketing medical affairs activities
  • Identifying, recommending and undertaking exploratory analyses and statistical research that furthers the success of pre-launch, launch and post-marketing clinical trials and other studies and assessments
  • Participating in the ongoing development, refinement and enhancements of departmental methodologies and techniques for biostatistics research, analysis and reporting
  • As needed, representing U.S. Medical Affairs Biostatistics to global Roche partners and working collaboratively to coordinate and align statistical analysis plans and outcomes at the national and global levels
  • Staying informed and abreast of the external landscape as it relates to assigned molecules, products, and programs and the associated therapeutic area(s)
  • Proven abilities to perform statistical scientist responsibilities with increasing expertise and independence 
  • Has demonstrated, through past experience, abilities to competently manage the majority of biostatistics deliverables associated with assigned pre-launch, launch and/or post-marketing medical strategies, plans and tactics
  • Analytical and problem-solving capabilities and skills 
  • In-depth knowledge of the multi-disciplinary functions involved in a drug development process, and can proactively integrate multiple perspectives into the post-marketing process for best end-results 
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and writing communication and influencing skills 
  • Proven track record of working highly effectively, efficiently and collaboratively with others. Proven experience and skills working with multi-disciplinary teams  
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • High-level of proficiency with SAS and related statistical software packages
  • Business travel, by air or car, is required for regular internal and external business meetings   


10/13/17 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Seth Harris lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The Harris Lab is seeking a motivated postdoctoral researcher to investigate structure and function of macromolecular complexes involved in deubiquitination pathways. You are a creative problem-solver, energized and enthusiastic to pursue challenging, impactful scientific questions. We anticipate combining protein crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy (CryoEM), and bioinformatics to examine diverse size scales of these multi-protein complexes and to determine themes and variations in the enzymatic regulation and specificity of deubiquitinases and their partner proteins. With regular access to state-of-the-art synchrotron facilities and a newly established cryo-EM laboratory, Genentech’s Structural Biology department provides a well-resourced, strongly collaborative environment to pursue cutting-edge publication-oriented research in the context of world-class applied science and therapeutic development. Further bolstered by the collegial postdoctoral fellows program at Genentech, this creates an exciting environment for the engaged and productive scientist.

For more information on the Harris Lab and publications:

For more information on the Genentech post-doctoral program:

Applicants interested in this position, please apply with a curriculum vitae (CV), a brief statement of research interests, and 3 references.

10/13/17 Intern - Pharma Technical Operations - Biological Technologies Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The Biological Technologies department within Analytical Development and Quality Control is responsible to develop and troubleshoot biochemical/immunochemical and cell-based assays for clinical products. 

In this role, you will develop cell based assays for drug development focused on immuno oncology indications. You must have hands-on experience in the development, performance, troubleshooting, and optimization of cell-based assays and be able to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

This is a 6-month Internship starting in Q1 2018.
10/13/17 Sr. Software Developer, Labware LIMS Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

Sr. Software Developer – LabWare LIMS

Job Description –

This Senior Software Developer position is responsible for providing LabWare LIMS application solutions, ensuring that the LIMS is implemented and maintained in a state which meets current regulatory requirements of a validated environment using industry best practices. Maintenance and enhancement activities include troubleshooting issues, design, coding and configuration, testing, implementation, performance tuning and documentation of software releases. The role will also be expected to participate in cross functional work groups acting as the Labware LIMS technical SME and develop operating procedures and/or train service personnel. The position is part of the PD/PT Quality IT organization.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develops, enhances, integrates and/or supports LIMS software computer systems, business applications, data management systems, and/or other programmable or configurable software components.
  • Provide overall technical leadership and lifecycle management for the global LIMS system / solution. Provide technical oversight over large LIMS projects or multiple simultaneous projects.
  • Analyze, design, code / configure and test software to develop systems to meet business and technical requirements.
  • Collaborate with various groups within IT - infrastructure teams , DBA groups to deliver LIMS solutions
  • Represent LIMS architecture to Architectural Review Boards, various architectural councils.
  • Participate in audits/inspections to represent LIMS architecture, design and change management 
  • Implements appropriate framework and processes, uses tools and follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) end-to-end.
  • Knowledge of software vendor processes (support, product, consulting), interaction with vendors and understanding of vendor product roadmap and strategy.
  • Adhere to high quality software development lifecycle process (e.g., Agile, Waterfall).
  • Support solutions through monitoring, response to service problems, defect resolution, ?configuring software, root cause analysis and preventive actions.
  • Participate in service capacity planning and software performance analysis and tuning.
  • Contribute, review and influence on-going design, architecture, integration (e.g. API) ?standards and methodology for software development.
  • Resolve discrepancies / issues, manage risks, determine mitigation approaches. 
10/13/17 Group Medical Director, BioOncology USMA Manager with Direct Reports South San Francisco, California

Core Accountabilities: 

This person is a member of the USMA BioOncology Leadership Team and is primarily accountable for consistently and effectively providing strategic direction and oversight to activities and departments leading and executing in the areas of: Biomarker and Precision Medicine, Scientific Collaborations, Scientific Exhibits, and Biosimilars. To this end, this position is accountable for developing applicable long- and short-term Medical Plans, securing the required resources and managing allocated budget. 

Biomarker and Precision Medicine:

  • Lead the Biomarker strategy for USMA BioOncology internally and externally, with input from OBD.
  • Provide oversight to all activities related to the discipline of Precision Medicine for USMA BioOncology.
  • Provide strategic direction and oversight for multiple cross-tumor umbrella/basket studies (such as MyPathway), in collaboration with other USMA BioOncology GMDs.
  • Represent or assign USMA BioOncology single point of contact for Flatiron, Foundation Medicine Institute (FMI) and other clinical/genomic information platforms/collaborations/and databases.
  • Represent the USMA BioOncology organization on PHC 2.0 and any similar initiative/working group.
  • Explore, select, and champion new technologies and trial designs applicable to BioOncology Medical Unit. 

Scientific Collaborations:

  • Provide strategic direction and oversight for the Scientific Collaborations group. This team is accountable for managing Genentech’s relationships with NCI funded cooperative groups and their foundations, NCI Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), and large multi-center research organizations and facilitates strategic and scientific discussions and decisions. 

Scientific Exhibits:

  • Provide strategic direction and oversight for the Scientific Exhibits group who is responsible for leading the Scientific Congress planning and execution for all BioOncology scientific meetings such as ASCO, AACR, SABCS, ASH and others. 


  • Provide strategic oversight to all USMA biosimilar related activities (BioOncology and non BioOncology) 

In addition to the above core responsibilities, this position is responsible to:

  • Manage, guide, and develop direct reports, including individuals with indirect line of management.
  • Oversee clinical studies and other projects and programs for the cross bio-oncology disease area to ensure all activities are completed on time, to high standards and within budget.
  • Act as a guardian for high standards of compliance, ethics and safety; putting patients at the center of all actions.
  • Compliantly develop and cultivate long-term strategic partnerships with therapeutic area experts (TAEs), Oncology research organizations/networks and other external stakeholders.
  • Serve as a resource for final interpretation and approval of applicable clinical study data results.
  • Foster close collaboration with Evidence for Access (E4A), Knowledge Enhancement (KE), US Drug Safety (USDS), Product Development (PD), Pharma Development Medical Affairs (PDMA), Evidence Generation (EG), Regulatory Affairs, Global Product Strategy (GPS) and Commercial leaders.
  • Represent US Medical Affairs on multidisciplinary Genentech and global Roche teams.
  • Act as an expert advisor to internal committees, management and teams regarding strategic medical issues and lifecycle planning Qualifications.

Important Information

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