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2/24/17 Scientific Manager, BioAnalytical Sciences (BAS)/Assay Development and Technology (ADT) Manager with Direct Reports South San Francisco, California
This position will report to the Senior Scientific Manager /Group Leader within the ADT organization that is responsible for providing technical oversight of outsourced assays and bioanalytical study data.

The Scientific Manager may directly or indirectly supervise Sr. Scientific Researchers in support for multiple development projects, and is responsible for ensuring that project needs are met. The Scientific Manager will be responsible for providing technical oversight of assay method validation, conduct and quality at CROs, as well as for ensuring integrity of study data. S/he will assist the validation manager in ensuring method validation plans are consistent across CROs as well as Health Authority Guidance documents and Industry white papers. It is important for this group to interact and collaborate closely with ADT therapeutics groups, bringing back assay performance and study data information from CROs, as well as engaging internal expertise to CRO
assays when necessary. This Scientific Manager may be the backup to the group leader at the ADT senior staff, and assist with setting priorities for the group and create means to meet department/company goals and resolves complex problems. The Scientific Manager may have influence in setting industry standards in their area of expertise. S/he may lead and/or oversee departmental and interdepartmental teams, projects, and/or systems, may participate in the Pharmacology Subteam as a BAS Project Representative and may lead BioAnalytical Working Groups. The Scientific Manager will interface with the BAS Outsourcing Group and influence the establishment and improvement of CRO oversight processes and practices, and train others in the
2/24/17 Sr. Scientific Researcher - Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry Experienced South San Francisco, California
Do you dig Science? The South San Francisco Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry Group in Genentech Research is seeking a talented team oriented, experienced BS/MS researcher: we have two openings in our expanding department that supports technical development of the investigational new medicine portfolio. You will be part of an exciting project team doing ground breaking analytical science in a fast paced environment supporting the characterization and development of small molecule synthetic chemistry processes, pharmaceutical drug products, complex peptides, and biologic hybrid modalities. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Development of analytical characterization methods, learning and utilizing state of the art instrumentation, designing and executing experimental plans to resolve processing, stability, and control issues
  • Presenting, interpreting and intellectually contributing to multidisciplinary, fast paced drug development project groups
  • Contribute to health authority regulatory filings for novel drug products
  • Develop, validate and troubleshoot, instrument and analytical method issues
  • Support process chemistry scale-up, formulation development and manufacturing efforts with in-process testing
  • Flexibly operate within both GMP and non-GMP development environments, including adherence to quality, chemical hygiene, and safety systems

2/24/17 Sr Instrumentation Technician Experienced South San Francisco, California



Responsible for performing advancedlevel calibrations, diagnostics, troubleshooting, repairs, and modifications ofindustrial process control instrumentation in a cGMP/cGXP environment.Responsible to minimize instrumentation and equipment downtime associated withfacility structures, equipment, and process control systems, while ensuringthat manufacturing operations and functional support departments are enabled tosuccessfully make, assess and release Genentech drug products 24/7. Looked uponas the resident expert for all instrumentation related issues.


Job Responsibilities


• Perform calibration and repair ofadvanced analytical instrumentation used in biopharmaceutical manufacturingprocesses and QC laboratories.


• Perform diagnostics, repairs, andmodifications of advanced industrial process control instrumentation.


• Implement corrective andpreventative actions pertaining to analytical and process instrumentationissues that directly impact manufacturing systems availability.


• Respond to trouble calls andprovide immediate response to ensure maximum manufacturing system availabilityto the end-user.


• Provide hands-on technicalleadership for installation, start-up, and maintenance of state-of-the-artprocess control systems.


• Prepare comprehensive calibrationprocedures/job plans and associated training materials for advanced analyticalinstrumentation and processes.


• Prepare and organize technicaldocumentation and operational procedures from equipment manufacturers,equipment users, and engineering personnel.


• Assist engineering department duringevaluation of new or modified instrumentation and process control systems.


• Inspect new instrumentationinstallations by contractors and affect necessary changes to comply withestablished departmental standards.


• Assist with identification, purchase,and organization of spare parts.


• Interact closely with scientists,engineers, production staff, and QA staff.


• Represent Facility ServicesDepartment during factory acceptance testing (FAT) of equipment to besupported, maintained, or calibrated.


• Provide technical expertise andtraining to in-house and contracted technical staff.

2/24/17 Engineer II, Manufacturing Support (Packaging) Experienced Hillsboro, Oregon

This position is inManufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) group, supporting Commercial DrugProduct Operations in Hillsboro. In this position, you will need to workeffectively as part of a team responsible for ensuring successful and efficientPackaging operations. Thesuccessful candidate will work with a team of engineers responsible for PackagingCommercial Support and continues improvement projects.

Job Requirements:

  • Provideon-going packaging manufacturing support to our manufacturing sites byperforming trouble shooting, product impact assessments during deviations andinvestigations and process improvements.
  • Implementationof engineering projects to improve success rates, reduce recurring discrepancies,increase capacity/productivity, increase levels of safety and compliance
  • Designand execute studies aimed at improving process and equipmentrobustness/productivity or meeting the changing needs of the manufacturingenvironment.
  • Workcollaboratively with the site Technology groups, Manufacturing Operations, andEngineering to develop in-depth knowledge of the packaging processes.
  • Supportengineering projects to enable tech transfers transfer between Genentech/Rochemanufacturing sites.
  • Authorand review technical reports, process development/characterization documents,and portions of regulatory submissions to support licensure.

2/24/17 Scientific Manager/Senior Scientific Manager, Next Generation Sequencing lab Manager with Direct Reports South San Francisco, California
Genentech has an opportunity for a Scientific Manager/Senior Scientific Manager to join the Next Generation Sequencing group in the Molecular Biology Department. The candidate will work in the NGS core lab which provides support for NGS technology to gRED and develops new applications in the area of genomics. In particular, the candidate will be responsible for overseeing NGS library generation process which is used to prepare DNA/RNA samples for variety of NGS applications. The candidate will also be responsible for new technology development, protocol testing and protocol automation. Together, the candidate will be responsible for leading high-throughput NGS library generation program and for resource management (one or two reports). In addition, you will be involved in implementing technologies in the area of single cell genomics, assessment of custom designed targeted capture methods, evaluation of automation/instrumentation for large scale, high-throughput genomics. By utilizing high-throughput NGS approaches, the candidate will support multidisciplinary efforts focused on target evaluation and drug development studies.
2/24/17 Senior Administrative Associate - Hemophilia Marketing Experienced South San Francisco, California
TheSenior Administrative Associate supports the Hemlibra Marketing Director andthe Marketing team with a variety of departmental administration andoperational activities.
 Example Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Acts as the departmental "go-to-person" forgeneral operational or administrative questions or other inquiries
  • Streamlines and reduces unnecessary administrative oroperational burdens from manager and other team members
  • Assists the assigned team in various administrative or operationalactivities such as coordinating, scheduling and preparing for meetings orpresentations, gathering information and/or conducting analyses needed for thedepartment's work, formatting or editing departmental materials, presentationsor other documentation, channeling communication between the department andother Genentech groups, etc.
  • Acts as the departmental lead on new systems, processes orcompliance training
  • Responsible for training new team members on company anddepartmental administrative and general processes, systems, practices, toolsand standards 
  • Responsible for maintaining a fully accurate and up-to-datedepartmental roster, complete with all employee and other key departmentalinformation
  • Coordinates departmental recruitment activities
  • Ensures assigned team has the most current office equipmentand materials at all times and appropriate to the team's work
  • Coordinates and manages any office moves
  • Supports manager and team in coordination and ongoingmanagement and communication with any external vendors
  • Where assigned, coordinates departmental or other teammeetings and may directly manage all event planning and management activities
  • Coordinates and schedules travel, accommodation and otherrequirements
  • Complies with all laws, regulations and policies that governthe conduct of Genentech activities

Key Competency Profile:

  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Managing Change
  • Teamwork andCollaboration
  • AchievingResults
2/23/17 Technical Project Lead Experienced South San Francisco, California
The Bioinformatics Department has an outstanding opportunity available to lead the development of cutting edge software to support Genentech’s Protein Sciences organization. The position is responsible for technical ownership of transformational software solutions that enable the discovery of life-changing medicines. The role works closely with Business Analysts and our distinguished scientists to translate requirements into functional IT systems across the full software development lifecycle.  ...
2/23/17 Intern - Corporate Groups - Pharma Informatics Entry Level South San Francisco, California

Our department supports the employees of Informatics in South San Francisco, particularly with events, town halls, and personal growth and development trainings. 

  • Strategize, schedule, and execute department events and trainings
  • Create and design marketing collateral for events 
  • Work with project coordinators and administrative team on various projects 
2/23/17 Intern - Corporate Groups - Environmental, Health and Safety, Biosafety Entry Level South San Francisco, California

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) - Biosafety Group:  The fundamental objective of any biosafety program is the containment of potentially harmful biological agents. The term “containment” is used in describing safe methods, facilities and equipment for managing infectious materials in the laboratory environment where they are being handled or maintained. The purpose of containment is to reduce or eliminate exposure of laboratory workers, other persons, and the outside environment to potentially hazardous agents.

As an Intern working with the EHS Biosafety group in Site Services, responsibilities will include the following:

1.  Perform biosafety inspections in Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) laboratories not covered by the Institutional Biosafety Committee

  • Document and verify BSL-2 locations
  • Perform biosafety inspections, and assign and follow-up on Corrective Actions
  • Compare to 2016 data
2.  Provide recommendations for improvement of inspection material and process

3.  Analyze captured data to identify compliance trends

4.  Participate fully in the Genentech Intern Poster and Illustration day

5.  Participate fully in the Genentech Intern Video Competition if other Site Services Interns are engaged

2/23/17 Alliance & Advocacy Relations Manager/Senior Manager, Immunology & Respiratory Experienced South San Francisco, California
The Alliance and Advocacy Relations team (AAR) within Genentech’s Government Affairs Department is seeking a qualified Manager/Senior Manager candidate. This position in based in Genentech’s South San Francisco headquarters.The AAR team is responsible for leading the strategy and outreach related to Genentech’s business interests with external health care-focused advocate organizations. This individual will lead development, implementation and oversight of advocate engagement strategies, plans and programs for immunology and respiratory-marketed products and pipeline. She/he will represent Genentech to external advocates, establish and maintain in-depth knowledge of the disease areas current and future business plans with relevant advocates current and future interests, and the relevant surrounding policy and legislative environment. She/he may also play a leadership role in departmental projects, train, coach, mentor, and oversee some of the work of other AAR team members. This individual will work as a member of the Genentech Immunology & Ophthalmology (GIO) AAR team and will report directly to the head of AAR for GIO. 
Key Accountabilities
  • Maintain strong understanding of the immunology and respiratory patient advocacy communities
  • Create strategies for effective engagement and communication on public policy, reimbursement and patient assistance programs
  • Develop and implement plans for relationship building, communication and collaboration with non-profit organizations
  • Maintain thorough scientific knowledge of GNE's immunology and respiratory marketed and pipeline molecules
  • Cultivate critical and influential relationships with cross-functional business partners
  • Collaborate with team on annual grants cycle by contributing to appropriate review processes
  • Represent Genentech at medical and patient meetings, conducting one on one meetings and larger briefings
  • Inform and educate internal business partners regarding relevant advocates' current and future interests, needs and other objectives, including associated implications from policy and legislative environment
  • Represent Genentech's and Roche's focus areas to the highest ethical and professional standards and in accordance with guidelines, strategic and key business direction
  • Ensure assigned goals and objectives are met and that assigned projects are completed on time, to high standards and within budget
  • As assigned, lead AAR department projects
  • Expertly develop, implement and oversee execution against advocacy engagement annual and longer-range strategies, plans, programs and other tactics for the assigned disease area(s)
  • As assigned, support your manager and others in training, coaching, mentoring and/or otherwise overseeing some of the work of other AAR team members. Attend outside meetings or events, as appropriate, to stay abreast of national, local and/or regional changes, trends of advocate organizations
  • Plan, implement and evaluate in-person and virtual learning events
  • Collaborate with cross-functional Genentech teams and help manage Genentech's charitable grants to relevant advocates 

Core Competencies
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Technical and business expertise
  • Strategic agility
2/23/17 Senior Quality Specialist, PD Quality Services Experienced South San Francisco, California
Job Purpose:
  • Implement the controlled document strategy for PDQ and the supported business partners (gRED, pRED, PD, GPS and affiliates) for all relevant regulatory compliance standards and processes related to clinical development and safety/pharmacovigilance. 

  • To develop Policies, SOPs, and Supporting Documents from identification of needs, to execution of development and deployment of outputs and materials. 

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities:.
  • Independent development of GxP Policies, SOPs, and Supporting Documents throughout all of the Roche development related organizational enterprises (gRED, pRED, PD, GPS and affiliates) to ensure a consistent GxP process landscape for standards and processes and procedures related to clinical development and safety/pharmacovigilance which meet internal and external standards of regulatory compliance, as well as industry best practices and interpretations. 

  • Establishes, maintains and fosters strong relationships with key business stakeholders and ensures that PDQ is providing an efficient, effective and compliant process landscape to the functions. 

  • In close collaboration with supported functional areas and key business stakeholders, proactively identifies needs for process standardization, regulatory compliance direction and areas for improvement. 

  • Ensures that business partner expectations for SOP strategy, materials and deployment are met. 

  • Ensures, in collaboration with business partners, that Policies and SOPs in the GxP process landscape are up-to- 
date and compliant with applicable current Clinical and safety/pharmacovigilance international regulations. 

  • Collaborates with a network of subject matter experts (SMEs) across the functional areas supporting policy, SOP and supporting document development. 

  • Contributes to the PDQ QS Standards, Systems and Processes Governance Team to set strategies and achieve the long-term goals and objectives of PDQ QS and PDQ as a whole. 

  • Is knowledgeable of all services and activities provided by PDQ QS, Standards, Systems and Processes Governance in order to provide business stakeholders with a comprehensive overview and effectively communicates this to stakeholders. 

  • Functions as trainer/mentor for technical skills for junior staff. 

  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of company policies, SOPs, and supporting documents related to pharmaceutical development and Quality Management. Maintain knowledge of FDA and EU regulations, ICH guidance documents, and other international regulations related pharmaceutical development relevant to GxP Policies and SOPs being developed. 

2/23/17 Oceanside Intern - Pharma Technical Operations - Science and Engineering Entry Level Oceanside, California

Science and Engineering applies biotechnology process science and equipment engineering expertise from the lab, to the pilot plant, and throughout the GMP manufacturing process areas to support tech transfer, launch and a commercial supply of quality medicines.

Provide support to the Science and Engineering group. Incumbent focus may be on troubleshooting existing and new systems, assist in the design, implementation, change control, start-up and validation of modified or new systems with respect to the process equipment as well as automation systems.

Equipment User Requirement Specification (URS) Revisions

•        Review upstream and downstream URS documents

•        Identify process ranges for critical instruments listed in each URS

•        Schedule groups discussions to finalize process ranges

•        Redline URS & assist in initiating change records

Responsibilities Include:

•        Revise and review design drawings, which may include Piping & Instrumentation Drawing’s (P&IDs) process descriptions, functional requirement specifications, software design descriptions

•        Work under direction with consulting engineers to review drawings and documents produced by these groups. 

•        Assist in the start-up and troubleshooting of process equipment and critical process utility systems by providing technical support and knowledge to ensure equipment is diagnosed for problems proactively to ensure minimal downtime. 

•        Gather vendor information to define the validation limits process equipment and associated utilities.

•        Track and report progress on own assignments.

Additional Responsibilities:

•        Act as team member of a project team.

•        Propose ideas for new tasks and take initiative to identify immediate problems and propose solutions. 

•        Gather instrument process use range information and revise respective User Requirement Specification documentation     

•        May present data and concepts at department and project team meetings.

2/23/17 Oceanside Intern - Pharma Technical Operations - Automation Entry Level Oceanside, California
The Position Automation group provides and maintains flexible automation services that will consistently and reliably produce GMP bio therapeutics in an enabling manner that streamlines the product release for patient use.
  • Excellent opportunity to gain familiarity with Automation systems , software configuration, Automation Systems lifecycle in a Bio-pharmaceutical facility.  
  • Become familiar in analyzing user requirements, work with a team of Automation Engineers to perform design qualification, implement robust solutions and perform design level acceptance testing prior to implementation.  
  • The Automation intern will have an opportunity to work on various technologies such as SQL Database, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Process Control System (PCS), Web technologies (HTML5, CSS, web services, JQuery) 
  • Execute testing and installation of systems, upgrades, and new releases  
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems associated with the system/databases and applications. 
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities in accordance with project guidelines and department procedures  
2/23/17 Senior Scientific Researcher - OMNI Biomarker Development Group Experienced South San Francisco, California

We are seeking a highly motivated Senior Scientific Researcher to join the OMNI Biomarker group within Development Sciences. Our group is responsible for developing and implementing biomarkers for programs in Neuroscience and Ophthalmology. The successful candidate will join our team and work to identify and profile biomarkers in preclinical models and implement diagnostic and pharmacodynamic assays in clinical trials of novel therapeutics.


  • Discover and evaluate biomarkers in different cell systems and in preclinical models
  • Develop and optimize biomarker assays
  • Implement biomarker assays in clinical trials
  • Evaluate new technologies to support clinical biomarker assay development

2/23/17 Senior Clinical Coordinator, Rheumatology - Chicago/Indiana Experienced Chicago, Illinois

Level: E3

Franchise: Rheumatology

Territory: Chicago/Indiana



The Rheumatology Clinical Coordinator brings clinical knowledge and expertise to the RA franchise field team. The Senior Clinical Coordinator helps customers increase their knowledge and understanding of ACTEMRA and Rituxan; their benefits and use as these pertain to the relevant disease state and approved indication(s).


Example Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides training and education sessions regarding ACTEMRA and Rituxan and their approved indication(s). Uses approved training/education materials
  • Supports clinical specialists in other ways/means by attending periodic account meetings; helping to further increase
  • account knowledge of GNE brand(s)
  • Participates in territory/division/regional business planning
  • Recommends opportunities to increase account knowledge of ACTEMRA and Rituxan
  • May provide input into marketing materials
  • Actively participates in local clinician groups
  • Complies with all laws, regulations and policies that govern the conduct of GNE activities
  • Business travel, by air or car, is regularly required


Required Competencies:

  • Communication: Provides education and insights in a clear and concise manner and is able to adjust communication approach depending on needs of target audience
  • Decision Making: Gathers information necessary to make decisions, considers different options before making a decision in a timely way, and ensures decisions are aligned to brand and company goals
  • Inspiring and Influencing: Generates excitement amongst HCPs for Genentech’s ability to help patients and utilizes a  variety of influence and teaching techniques 
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Partners with others including clinical specialists on strategic account planning and resolves conflict by addressing the issue directly and working to a compromise
  • Technical and Business Expertise: Keeps knowledgeable and current on the therapy and disease state and understands the franchise and company business





This is a remote position.

This position requires significant use of either a company provided or personal vehicle to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of the role. As a result, Genentech, Inc. (Company) from time to time will check your motor vehicle record for purposes of determining your eligibility for driving a Company vehicle or driving any vehicle on Company business

2/23/17 Scientist / Senior Scientist- Small Molecule Process Chemistry, Genentech Research Experienced South San Francisco, California
Genentech is seeking 3 top-tier Chemistry Scientists with a proven record of sustained laboratory achievement and innovation to join our Small Molecule Process Chemistry group. The Scientists, leading from the bench as part of our project-based research and development staff, are responsible for:
  • Developing enabling chemistry during early and/or late stage research in support of early development-readiness decisions
  • Developing processes to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in early development through Phase III route selection
  • Delivering API supply in early phase clinical development
Using the enabling chemistry developed and working with our South San Francisco clinical manufacturing team, the Scientists will participate in the production of early phase GMP clinical supplies. Eventual route selection for late stage GMP API manufacturing is also the responsibility of the Scientist and includes the concepts of safe, efficient, robust, environmentally sound chemistry and extends to the synthesis of the regulatory starting materials and establishment of a robust supply chain. A key job requirement is the ability to interact closely with discovery chemists and sourcing partners throughout development. The Scientists are expected to maintain a high level scientific profile both internally and externally in terms of scholarly achievements and pipeline contributions.

The successful candidates will be responsible for developing processes suitable for controlling the quality of bulk API as required by cGMP, ICH and FDA regulations as well as the bulk attributes conducive to successful formulation development. In addition, writing relevant CMC sections of INDs and participating in developing a strategy for quality are important tasks. The position's mission will be accomplished through innovation and teamwork, collaboration with strategic partners, creative problem solving and use of state-of-the-art technology.
2/23/17 Senior Scientific Researcher, Function-Based Discovery of Cellular Receptors Microchemistry, Proteomics ad Lipidomics Department Experienced South San Francisco, California
We are seeking a highly motivated and science-driven individual with expertise in investigating the biochemistry and functionality of the proteins present in the extracellular environment, including cellular receptors and secreted molecules. The successful candidate will fill a Senior Scientific Researcher position in the Receptor Discovery Biochemistry team within the Microchemistry, Proteomics & Lipidomics department. Our group pursues the discovery and functional characterization of therapeutically relevant cell-surface receptors and their interacting partners, identified through our cutting-edge technologies for protein-protein interaction discovery. Key responsibilities of the successful bench Scientist will include dedicated hands-on experimentation using cell biology and biochemistry, with the ultimate mission to implement innovative platforms for identification of therapeutic targets. Genentech provides an exceptional research environment characterized by a collaborative and dynamic community. As such, the qualified candidate will contribute to multidisciplinary teams encompassing other experts from infectious diseases, immunology, neurobiology, protein sciences and additional disciplines, and will also have the opportunity to publish papers on her/his research. Strongest consideration will be given to candidates whose research and interests include mechanistic and biochemical elucidation of plasma membrane receptor biology.
2/23/17 Oceanside Intern - Pharma Technical Operations - Science and Engineering Entry Level Oceanside, California
Science and Engineering applies biotechnology process science and equipment engineering expertise from the lab, to the pilot plant, and throughout the GMP manufacturing process areas to support tech transfer, launch and a commercial supply of quality medicines.
  • Performance of daily activities in the pilot plant downstream area with an emphasis on chromatography activities [set-up/breakdown] and buffer preparation
  • Conducting minor experiments/projects pertaining to process improvements and equipment use/storage.  
  • Working with team members on continuous improvement and workflow efficiency tasks
  • Authoring and editing of Area specific Operating Procedures (AOPs)

2/23/17 Alliance & Advocacy Relations Group Manager, Patient-Focused Giving Strategy Manager South San Francisco, California
The Alliance and Advocacy Relations team (AAR) within Genentech’s Government Affairs Department is seeking a qualified Senior Manager/Associate Director candidate to lead its patient-focused giving strategy. This position is based in Genentech’s South San Francisco headquarters.The AAR team is responsible for leading the strategy and outreach related to Genentech’s business interests with external health care-focused advocate organizations. This individual will be responsible for the strategy and execution of Genentech’s Patient-Focused Giving Strategy. This individual will be responsible for understanding the disease areas within Genentech’s portfolio, the needs of the patient community and trends in patient-focused charitable giving. This individual will work collaboratively with the broader Alliance & Advocacy Relations team and key internal/external stakeholders to implement giving strategies that address unmet patient needs.This individual will manage one or more direct reports and report to the head of AAR with line responsibilities to the AAR Leadership team. 
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Ensure Genentech’s long-term patient-focused giving strategy delivers impact to the patient community.
  • Maintain understanding of patient advocacy communities and develop new partnerships in relevant advocate communities.
  • Annually update Genentech’s short-term patient-focused giving strategy and operational model.
  • Maintain scientific knowledge of Genentech’s marketed and pipeline molecules. Ensure compliance with all internal policies and operating procedures.
  • Evaluate and monitor external trends in healthcare charitable giving.
  • Develop and manage “Call for Grants” program, focused on grantmaking for specific unmet needs.
  • Provide support for AAR team annual grant process.
  • Review and adapt existing short and long-term evaluation plans to capture Genentech’s giving impact.
  • Cultivate critical and influential relationships with cross-functional business partners.
  • Develop internal and external communication tools to highlight strategic impact of healthcare giving on patient community.
  • Cultivate new partnerships internally and externally to maximize the impact of giving to the patient community.
  • Represent Genentech's and Roche's focus areas to the highest ethical and professional standards and in accordance with guidelines, strategic and key business direction.
  • Ensure assigned goals and objectives are met and that assigned projects are completed on time, to high standards and within budget.
  • As assigned, lead AAR department projects.
  • Oversee up to two AAR team members; train, coach, and mentor team members and other AAR team members as needed.
  • Manage contractors, agencies and consultants as needed.
  • Attend outside meetings or events, as appropriate, to stay abreast of national, local and/or regional changes, trends of advocate organizations. 

Core Competencies
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Technical and business expertise
  • Strategic agility
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Innovation
2/23/17 Intern - Pharma Technical Operations - Project and Portfolio Management Entry Level South San Francisco, California

Portfolio & Project Management (PTDM) is a global organization that facilitates the end-to-end Drug Development Process to deliver our clinical and commercial product pipeline from early development to product launch.  PTDM generates and executes technical development strategies, plans, & risk assessments, and monitors the technical project budgets.

In this six-month (potentially up to one year) Internship position, you will work on managing the current process for portfolio reporting, tracking, and systems.

1.  Generate and distribute monthly project reports for early and late stage Technical Development projects.  Maintain/update the global portfolio and Team Lead/PM Project Assignments spreadsheets.  Align Technical Development portfolio with Pipeline and Portfolio Planning groups in R&D and Product Development.

2.  Performance and Decisions: Track the progress of the PTDM pipeline goals by using the methodology, systems, and reports designed for the metrics.  

3.  Using IT systems/software (e.g. Planisware, Business Objects, Tableau, Excel) manage system data to deliver efficient and effective reporting and support Project Managers in monthly project updates in the system.

You will need to provide sound judgment as part of a team responsible for delivering high quality Portfolio and Project analysis and reports.  Integrity, accountability, and strong dedication to internal customers are critical to this role.

This position is not eligible for relocation.


Important Information

Genentech is an equal opportunity employer & prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin/ancestry, age, disability, marital & veteran status. For more information about equal employment opportunity protections, view the EEO is the poster.

If you have a disability and need an accommodation in connection with the on-line application process, please email us at

Genentech will not discharge or in any other manner discriminate against employees or applicants because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their own pay or the pay of another employee or applicant. However, employees who have access to the compensation information of other employees or applicants as a part of their essential job functions cannot disclose the pay of other employees or applicants to individuals who do not otherwise have access to compensation information, unless the disclosure is (a) in response to a formal complaint or charge, (b) in furtherance of an investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an investigation conducted by the employer, or (c) consistent with the contractor’s legal duty to furnish information.