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Date Job Title Job Level Location
2/16/18 FOM Facilities, Utilities & Equipment Specialist Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

Job Purpose

Delivers technical expertise and operational support for facilities infrastructure operations. Provides operational overview to ensure equipment reliability, maximizing system up time.

Assists the project teams by providing technical support for new system start up commissioning, retrofits, and installation. Provides project oversight to ensure facilities, utility, or equipment changes, or repairs comply with Site Operations business processes to meet the need of the business.  

Job Requirements
  • Provide oversight and field direction to third party maintenance vendors, and project teams  by performing field walks of mechanical spaces, utility systems, campus infrastructure systems and specialized equipment
  • Identify and deliver training to eliminate skills gaps utility systems, campus infrastructure systems and specialized equipment
  • Proficient understanding of technical manuals, utility drawings, systems drawings master specifications, electrical schematics, chemical safety codes and OHSA codes
  • Proficient at identifying equipment and systems issues and ensuring work orders are created and completed in a timely manner
  • Provide assistance with identification of critical spare parts, Bill of Materials, Task List Bill of Materials, Creation of detail job plans for complex Preventive Maintenance, Equipment Specific Lock Out Tag Out
  • Identify and implement process and equipment improvements through new procedures or revise existing processes in support of a proactive Preventive Maintenance program
  • Manage change control process for qualified systems in Trackwise
  • Enable and support the performance metrics, reliability metrics and KPIs for areas of responsibility including escalating issues that impact maintenance performance proactively
  • Partner with the Reliability Engineering group to resolve equipment and utility system issues remediation to improve and reduce equipment downtime and evaluate maintenance performance effectiveness
  • Escalate safety issues by means of work orders/ STARI reports and interaction with EHS, Security, business partners  
This position is not eligible for relocation.

2/16/18 Assistant/Associate Medical Director, Cancer Immunotherapy, Early Clinical Development (ECD), Oncology Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The Early Clinical Development (ECD) group in Oncology at Genentech is seeking a talented physician scientist to join our Cancer Immunotherapy development team to translate our preclinical discoveries into the next generation of cancer immunotherapies for patients. The ECD Oncology Group at Genentech conducts first-in-human Phase I and Phase II studies with novel agents against a variety of immunotherapy targets with a strong focus on mechanism-based biomarkers, seeking the next generation of therapies that will benefit patients.

This Assistant/Associate Medical Director will be leading a development team that is studying a novel cancer immunotherapy target as a single-agent and in combination with other immunotherapy agents in multiple solid tumors and hematological malignancies. This Assistant/Associate Medical Director will lead the design, execution, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of innovative Phase I/II clinical studies, with an initial focus on cancer immunology and novel immune-modulating agents, including studies of rational scientific combinations. Eventual opportunities to lead the development of other novel targets within our extensive oncology portfolio are also anticipated. This physician scientist will provide leadership for internal cross-functional teams in the clinical development of a novel immunotherapy target and will be the primary point of contact for communicating with external global oncology leaders, clinical investigators, and scientists. This physician scientist will directly work with research scientists in the Cancer Immunology Research group and the Oncology Biomarker Development group at Genentech, and may also work with the Genentech Partnering group on in-licensing opportunities in cancer immunotherapy.

This Assistant/Associate Medical Director will be designing and conducting efficient, interpretable clinical studies and programs that address high priority exciting questions in oncology and cancer immunotherapy that are supported by Genentech’s outstanding commitment to fundamental cancer research, its scientific leadership in cancer immunology, and its vibrant patient-oriented culture.

2/16/18 Senior Environmental & Project Support Manager Manager with Direct Reports Vacaville, California

Location:  Vacaville, CA



This position reports directly to the Director Safety Health Environment (SHE) & Security and has primary accountability for leading a team of Environmental and SHE Project Support  professionals at the Genentech Vacaville facility.  The Environmental and Project Support team has responsibility for ensuring compliance with Federal, State, Local, and Roche regulations and requirements. 


The Sr. Environmental and Project Support Manager is a member of the site SHE & Security Leadership Team, and as such will participate in setting long-term goals and strategies for the group.  The successful candidate will lead the Environmental and SHE Project Support teams to implement measures that will ensure compliance with environmental regulations, improve site sustainability, provide SHE technical expertise for site project work, and develop/improve SHE management systems.


* Responsible for oversight of Vacaville Environmental and Project Support team

* Manages, directs, develops, and coaches a team of Genentech Sr. Program Managers and Specialists who are responsible for compliance with a complex set of regulations, policies, and directives

* Establishes goals and objectives for Environmental and Project Support team professionals that drive environmental and project compliance, and support achievement of the Vacaville site goals

* Supports the career development of direct reports and conducts performance reviews.

* Leads efforts to change policies, programs, or procedures to address site environmental risk trends where necessary

* As a member of the SHE & Security Leadership Team, participates in development of the department’s vision and establishment of short- and long-range goals

* Frequently interacts with members of the Vacaville Leadership Team and eVLT to communicate performance against, and seek support for achievement of, Environmental and Project Support performance measures

* Collaborates with the Head of SHE & Security to establish Environmental and Sustainability goals and metrics for the Vacaville site.

* Assists in adherence to the SHE budget

* Serves as an active member of the Vacaville site Extended Leadership Team (eVLT)

* Interacts with environmental regulators.  Facilitates site inspections and audits as necessary.

* Ensures compliance with Environmental and Sustainability-related Roche directives applicable to the Vacaville site.

* Ensures appropriate programs and policies are in place to support the Vacaville site’s Right to Operate.

* Oversees development and implementation of a Compliance Assurance program to be implemented by SHE Program Managers for the Vacaville site.

* Interacts frequently with a broad range of internal and external customers, including vice presidents and directors, functional group leaders, technicians, vendors, contractors, and regulatory officials.

* Ensures environmental compliance investigations are conducted in a timely manner to identify the root cause of incidents and identify mitigations to prevent recurrence

* Collaborates with the Sr. Security Manager to support successful implementation of the site Business Continuity Management Program

* Represents SHE on multidisciplinary governance teams

* Ensures that the Vacaville site is compliant with all Federal, State, Local and Genentech codes, regulations and policies

* Represents SHE department with regulatory authorities, trade groups and industry on technical issues requiring SHE expertise

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Kaminker lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking an independent and motivated researcher for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Department to apply cutting edge single cell computational approaches to understand the role of sensory neurons in airway function. The successful candidate will join a highly collaborative research team that includes members of Bioinformatics, Neuroscience, and Immunology and will work exceptionally closely with bench colleagues in these groups. Our work is focused on dissecting the transcriptional and molecular pathways in sensory neuron populations that are required for normal lung function, and which might be dysfunctional in airway diseases.

For more information on Josh Kaminker lab, please visit:

Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at:

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Computational and Mathematical Modeling, Cancer Immunology, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

Biomedical research has become data intensive, shifting away from classical confirmatory hypotheses testing for a few clinical variables, to searching for underlying fundamental patterns governing biological phenomena and their dynamics in high dimensional variable and sample space. This has led to an increasing use of, and development of new, computational and mathematical modeling techniques within biomedicine.

We are seeking an independent and motivated researcher for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Cancer Immunotherapy. You will be working within our Computational and Mathematical Modeling group to study cancer phenotypes and the interaction with genetic and immune system variables. For example, you will participate in trying to deepen our understanding of the dynamics within tumor microenvironments supported by unique and growing collections of Omics data coupled with clinical data.

Your primary goals will be scientific discovery and publication (see, and the program is geared towards developing the career of future independent investigators.

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Structural Biology - Seth Harris lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The Harris Lab is seeking a motivated postdoctoral researcher to investigate structure and function of macromolecular complexes involved in deubiquitination pathways. You are a creative problem-solver, energized and enthusiastic to pursue challenging, impactful scientific questions. We anticipate combining protein crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy (CryoEM), and bioinformatics to examine diverse size scales of these multi-protein complexes and to determine themes and variations in the enzymatic regulation and specificity of deubiquitinases and their partner proteins. With regular access to state-of-the-art synchrotron facilities and a newly established cryo-EM laboratory, Genentech’s Structural Biology department provides a well-resourced, strongly collaborative environment to pursue cutting-edge publication-oriented research in the context of world-class applied science and therapeutic development. Further bolstered by the collegial postdoctoral fellows program at Genentech, this creates an exciting environment for the engaged and productive scientist.

For more information on the Harris Lab and publications:

For more information on the Genentech post-doctoral program:

Applicants interested in this position, please apply with a curriculum vitae (CV), a brief statement of research interests, and 3 references.

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Fred de Sauvage lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

A position is available in the department of Molecular Oncology for a highly motivated and independent candidate to study the role of developmental pathways on stem cells biology in homeostasis and tumorigenesis.

For more information on Fred De Sauvage lab, please visit:

Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at:

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Neuroscience, David Hackos lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow to join the Hackos lab in the neuroscience department at Genentech. Using a diverse set of techniques ranging from detailed structural and pharmacological studies of ion channels to brain and spinal cord neurophysiology and in-vivo behavioral modeling, my lab focuses on the areas of pain and neurodegenerative disease with a particular interest in the role that interneuron circuitry plays in these areas. Our goal is to identify novel drug targets through better understanding of the underlying physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system.

Selected recent publications form the Hackos lab...

1. A novel NMDA receptor positive allosteric modulator that acts via the transmembrane domain. Wang TM, Brown BM, Deng L, Sellers BD, Lupardus PJ, Wallweber HJA, Gustafson A, Wong E, Volgraf M, Schwarz JB, Hackos DH, Hanson JE. Neuropharmacology. 2017 Jul 15;121:204-218.

2. Positive Allosteric Modulators of GluN2A-Containing NMDARs with Distinct Modes of Action and Impacts on Circuit Function. Hackos DH, Lupardus PJ, Grand T, Chen Y, Wang TM, Reynen P, Gustafson A, Wallweber HJ, Volgraf M, Sellers BD, Schwarz JB, Paoletti P, Sheng M, Zhou Q, Hanson JE. Neuron. 2016 Mar 2;89(5):983-99.

3. Structural basis of Nav1.7 inhibition by an isoform-selective small-molecule antagonist. Ahuja S, Mukund S, Deng L, Khakh K, Chang E, Ho H, Shriver S, Young C, Lin S, Johnson JP Jr, Wu P, Li J, Coons M, Tam C, Brillantes B, Sampang H, Mortara K, Bowman KK, Clark KR, Estevez A, Xie Z, Verschoof H, Grimwood M, Dehnhardt C, Andrez JC, Focken T, Sutherlin DP, Safina BS, Starovasnik MA, Ortwine DF, Franke Y, Cohen CJ, Hackos DH, Koth CM, Payandeh J. Science. 2015 Dec 18;350(6267).

Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Infectious Diesases, Sharookh Kapadia Lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking an independent researcher for a Postdoctoral training position to work in the laboratory of Dr. Sharookh B. Kapadia. The incumbent will conduct original and significant basic investigations in the area of the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and host response to infection. The expectation is that this work will result in novel and important contributions to the understanding of host-pathogen interactions, as demonstrated by publication in top tier scientific journals. 
The laboratory explores both host and pathogen genetics as its approach to understanding the host-pathogen interface and uses a wide variety of genetic, cellular and biochemical methods to investigate these questions. Projects in the Kapadia lab currently focus on bacterial lipoprotein biosynthesis and transport, immune-mediated bacterial clearance in the lung and better understanding the mechanisms of bacterial escape from immune and antibiotic clearance.
2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Claudio Ciferri’s Lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow to join our cryo-EM group in the Department of Structural Biology at Genentech, to investigate protein complexes involved in several diseases areas, including cancer biology, infectious disease and neurobiology. At Genentech, our newly established cryo-EM group provides a unique opportunity for Post-Doctoral Fellows joining our team. This will include state-of-the-art technology for high-resolution data collection (Titan Krios equipped with K2 Direct Detector, Energy Filter and Volta Phase Plate & Talos Screening Microscope), a virtually unlimited computer cluster for data processing and the opportunity to be fostered in one of the most productive and scientifically stimulating research environments.

For more information on Claudio Ciferri’s lab, please visit:

Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at:

A comprehensive list of publications at Genentech:

Applicants interested in this position should apply with a CV, a brief statement of research experience and interests, as well as 3 contacts for references letters.

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Immunology, van Lookeren Campagne lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The van Lookeren Campagne lab is seeking a highly talented postdoctoral researcher to study the functional consequences of protein-changing genetic variants that increase the risk of autoimmune disorders. The laboratory collaborates with several investigators at Genentech to apply a variety of molecular, cellular, proteomics and imaging tools to address the consequences of protein-changing variants in cells or mice that have been genetically modified using the CRISPR technology. The consequences of these variants on a variety of cellular functions, including autophagy, programmed cell death, sterile inflammation, neuronal differentiation, cell migration, innate host responses to pathogens and tumorigenesis will be investigated to uncover the molecular basis of disease pathogenesis.

Selected Publications from the van Lookeren Campagne lab:
Xi et al., J Exp Med 213 (2016), 189-207
Murthy et al., Nature 506 (2014), 456-62
van Lookeren Campagne and Dixit, Nature 474 (2011), 42-43
Xi et al., J Exp Med 207 (2010), 7-16
Katschke et al., J Exp Med 204 (2007), 1319-1325
Wiesmann et al., Nature 444 (2006), 217-221
Helmy et al., Cell 124 (2006), 915-927

Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at

For more information on Menno van Lookeren Campagne lab, please visit:

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Proteomics and Cancer Immunology, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

The Microchemistry, Proteomics & Lipidomics (MPL) Department is a world-class technological function within the Research & Development division of Genentech. In the MPL, we fuel basic research and drug discovery using a variety of analytical technologies and informatic techniques including mass spectrometry, expression cloning and protein microarrays.

A post doctoral research fellowship is available within this Department, reporting to Dr. Jennie Lill & Dr. Matthew Albert (Cancer Immunology), to elucidate novel mechanisms of tumor immunity through characterization of MHC class I and Class II peptides using mass spectrometry. This work will help the cancer immunotherapy community to have a better understanding of T cell mediate immunity, a deeper understanding of key biochemical and cellular processes related to epitope presentation, and will aid in the design of second generation cancer vaccines, and other T cell mediated therapeutic approaches.

For more information about our Postdoctoral Program, please visit:

2/16/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Cancer Immunotherapy, Matthew Albert lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

We are seeking an independent and motivated researcher for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Matthew Albert’s laboratory in the Department of Cancer Immunotherapy to study immunogenic cell death and T cell cross-priming.

The successful candidate will join a research team that combines cutting-edge biochemistry, transcriptional profiling, cellular immunology and bioinformatics to discover and elucidate mechanisms of immune regulation. Specifically, our research will dissect the molecular pathways of cell death as they are perturbed by viral infection and cancer pathogenesis, with evaluation of the impact on dendritic cell activation and antigen-specific T cell priming.

Selected publications from the Albert lab:

Yatim N, Jusforgues-Saklani H, Orozco S, Schulz O, Barreira da Silva R, Reis e Sousa C, Green DR, Oberst A, Albert ML. RIPK1 and NF-?B signaling in dying cells determines cross-priming of CD8? T cells. Science. 2015 Oct 16;350(6258):328-34.

    Dying cells actively regulate adaptive immune responses.
    Yatim N, Cullen S, Albert ML.Nat Rev Immunol. 2017 Apr;17(4):262-275. doi: 10.1038/nri.2017.9. Epub 2017 Mar 13. Review. PMID: 28287107

    ****We ask that you submit your resume and a brief proposal on what type of project you'd like to pursue if you are to join this lab*****

    For more information on the position, please email

    For more information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech, please visit:

    2/16/18 Senior Medical Director / Associate Group Medical Director, Lung Cancer Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

    Genentech/Roche is seeking a Senior Medical Director or Associate Group Medical Director to join the Atezolizumab Lung Cancer development team within Product Development Oncology. The Senior Medical Director will play a significant role in developing and executing the long-range strategic plans for the molecule, including the design, implementation, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of studies. Atezolizumab (Tecentriq) is a monoclonal antibody designed to interfere with PD-L1. Atezolizumab is approved in previously treated NSCLC and bladder cancer (please include standard language)There are 11 ongoing or planned Phase III studies of atezolizumab across certain kinds of lung, kidney, breast and bladder cancer as well as a wide range of studies investigating atezolizumab in combination with other agents.

    Position Responsibilities:

    • Participates in CD strategy development and presents to various internal committees
    • Provides clinical oversight across relevant studies and programs
    • Leads or participates in ongoing CST and relevant sub-team meetings, other interactions and communications
    • Works with regulatory and other internal partners/stakeholders in the completion and submission of regulatory filings and other regulatory documentation. Supports others with clinical science information and input for regulatory submissions and other regulatory processes. Includes developing labeling and packaging language, etc.
    • Participates in the development and implementation of communications strategies to support existing and concluded studies. Includes KOL interactions, advisory boards, major medical meetings, congresses and other events, publications and other materials
    • Contributes clinical science input into the relevant therapeutic/disease area scientific strategy. Helps research and other PD groups to ensure consistency of scientific and late-development strategies with target label claims and corporate goals
    • Collaborates with a variety of internal and external partners and stakeholders, such as clinical investigators, clinicians, scientists and key opinion leaders (KOLs), as well as multidisciplinary internal groups, including other groups in PD, research, business development, commercial operations, legal, etc.
    • Maintains the highest standards and levels of scientific and clinical knowledge in the specific therapeutic and disease areas

    2/15/18 Principal Project Manager - Governance and TDT Operations Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

    Location: South San Francisco

    This role reports to the Associate Director of TDT and Governance Operations (GTO) Group within PTDMM.  The TGO group focuses on driving performance (i.e., productivity, efficiency, capacity, etc.) effectiveness of TDT systems and processes, leading continuous improvement initiatives, and providing PM expertise and cross-portfolio insights to support governance decision making and governance operations. 


    Strategic Portfolio Management
    • Identify, drive, and lead portfolio-based strategic initiatives to enhance the performance (i.e., productivity, efficiency, capacity, etc.) effectiveness of TDT business & planning processes. 
    • Partner with the TDTLs, PMs, and Portfolio Reporting & Analytics to conduct cross-project analyses to identify portfolio trends; portfolio benchmarks; identify common issues, areas for enhancement and best practices; provide insight and recommendations for enhancing CMC performance.
    • Support TDTs and strategic initiative teams by providing portfolio level context, strategic frameworks, facilitations, tools, guidelines, methodology, and processes across projects to enable teams, management, and governance committees to make informed decisions for projects
    • Lead the effort to clearly define and simplify each business steps and articulate the value, partner  with cross-functional teams, e.g. PTDO and finance, and align the recommendation and implementation to support the TDT effectiveness 

    TDT and Governance Operations
    • Provide senior management and committees (e.g., PTDLT, LSTDC, ESTDC) with portfolio insights, effective and efficient governance operation processes, and recommendations to enable informed project and portfolio decisions 
    • Partner with TDTs, TDLs, PMs, and senior managements to identify opportunities, explore alternative solutions, drive changes to increase productivity and implement/spread best practices. Provide expertise and be the champion for adopting the superior alternative options in the TDT plans
    • Be strategic partner and consultant to TDTs, ESTDC/LSTDC Chairs and Functional Heads to support, or lead strategic innovation experiments that are relevant and impactful for their areas.
    • Contribute a leadership culture of innovation/smart risk taking by promoting out-of-the-box thinking, bringing new concept to the TDTs, management, and governance committees (PTDLT, LSTDC, ESTDC, etc.). Design  pilot, support implementation, track result and share learning across teams
    • Define, communicate, maintain, and enhance TDT team operation processes and governance meeting processes 
    • Identify, contribute and lead PTDMM or cross functional initiatives.  Work closely with groups within PTDMM to provide holistic solutions for key stakeholders.  

    Job Skills and Expectations
    • A strong understanding of pharmaceutical/biotech industry, drug and technical development process and trends
    • Solid understanding of CMC key components and scientific principles
    • Strong strategic thinking, as well as quantitative and analytical skills.  Ability to synthesize and draw conclusions out of large, complex information and articulate the key findings to management,  functional leaders and the TD teams
    • Ability to build cross-functional partnerships and engage in and lead cross-functional initiatives with technical development teams and other key stake holders
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to influence without authority at senior management and team levels, be effective at team work 
    • Self-starter and takes initiatives to identify critical business needs, takes risk, creates solutions, with an innovative mind-set.  High level of comfort in dealing with uncertainties and ambiguities

    2/15/18 Intern - Research and Early Development - Molecular Oncology Entry Level South San Francisco, California

    Start Date: Summer 2018
    Length of Assignment: 12 weeks

    The mission of the Molecular Oncology department is to bring lasting benefit and cures to cancer patients through innovative scientific discoveries and medicines.
    • We will transform cancer care by taking a science-driven approach to drug discovery and development to achieve enduring clinical benefit.
    • Guided by a deep understanding of the unique molecular features associated with each patient's disease, we will identify and understand pathways that drive cancer and establish the therapeutic potential of individual targets.
    • By combining laboratory and clinical investigation, we will design strategies and medicines that target tumor cells, drug resistance, and the tumor microenvironment to achieve dramatic, lasting, benefit for cancer patients.

    Position 1
    This intern will work with a postdoctoral fellow to investigate the impact of a kinase on the interaction between CD8 T cells and Antigen Presenting Cells (APC). He or she will use FACS analysis and various imaging techniques to investigate the above question.

    Position 2
    • Generate and test mammalian cells edited by CRISPR technology. 
    • Perform various assays including western blotting, qPCR, ELISA, FACS to determine changes in gene expression. 
    • Optimize culture conditions for primary cells and conduct in vitro phagocytosis assay.
    2/15/18 Director, Analytical Operations Manager with Direct Reports South San Francisco, California

    Location:  South San Francisco, CA


    The Analytical Operations (AO) department is part of the Analytical Development & Quality Control organization within PTD.  This department is responsible for analytical support of bioprocess development, including cell culture, purification, formulation and device development groups. 


    The group provides timely information in context to bioprocess development groups to enable their decision making, and is actively involved in projects in late stage research, Phase I/II and Phase III, and post approval projects.  The department has particular responsibility for assays for demonstrating clearance of process-related impurities (host cell protein, DNA, resin leachables), and for developing high-throughput platform methods for clone selection, Process Characterization and Validation, and comparability studies. 


    The department includes a GMP Laboratory for in-process testing of impurities and supports cleaning validation studies, and an ADC-laboratory for handling potentially chemically hazardous samples.  The department also provides information (e.g. LAL) in support of research materials used in animal toxicology studies.


    AO is a highly automated lab environment, handling approximately 1000 samples/day.  Leadership in laboratory robotics and information management is a key part of leading this department. The director provides strategic direction for lab automation and informatics projects.  Current automation platforms include Agilent, Hamilton, Oasis, and Tecan. 


    The director develops strategy for implementing lab automation to meet specific customer needs – notably support for clone selection (mammalian and E. coli) based on product quality attributes, process development, and automation of PCPV sample preparation. Testing results often are facilitated by the use of Excel macros, and resulting data is captured and communicated in an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and LIMS system.  Familiarity in information management to deliver an efficient overall operation is required.

    The main role of the Director position in Analytical Operations is to:

    • Direct staff and oversee pipeline-enabling functions, including process impurity analysis, and critical reagent characterization, with methods that include chromatography (HPLC, UHPLC, LC-MS/MS), CE (iCIEF and mCE), Immunoassay (ELISA & Western blots), moisture testing (Karl Fischer, FT-NIR) and trace metals testing (ICP-MS and ICP-OES).

    • Direct staff and oversee high throughput analytical assays for bioprocess projects, including process characterization, method development and validation, and support of technical development teams.

    • Provide strategic direction for Process Related impurity analysis, including appropriate method selection, scheduling, and resource allocation.  Interact with stakeholders (e.g. PTR, MMTech) and serve as primary department contact for process impurity investigations.  Serve as a subject matter expert for impurity analysis to senior leadership in PTDU and PTR.

    • Establish strategies and objectives as needed to achieve department and company goals, and regularly interact with other directors in ADQC, PTD, and other stakeholder functions.  

    • Review, edit, and approve internal reports, quality documents, regulatory submissions, and external presentations and manuscripts.  Specifically, the Director signs Quality documents as the representative of the AO management.

    • Manage performance and development of personnel to ensure achievement of organizational and department goals and a productive environment.  Work to ensure safety and environmental goals for the department and individuals within the department are being met. 

    • Job Duties/Responsibilities

    • Lead a group of about 50 staff, including scientists, research associates, and contractors.  Provide clear objectives, explain the “why’s”, establish priorities, motivate for high productivity, track progress, and evaluate performance, in order to meet organizational and corporate goals.

    • Coach and develop staff by providing an environment that encourages ongoing personal and professional growth. Manage and ensure the setting of realistic personal development goals for staff and provide regularly scheduled feedback throughout the year. Ensure staff receives appropriate knowledge and skill development, and growth opportunities.

    • Manage and administer all aspects of people processes related to employee life cycle. This includes the selection, hiring and training of personnel on company department policies, systems and processes. Manage and communicate compensation related information per company guidelines

    • Ensure that projects and initiatives are completed on time.

    • Manage budget and resource allocations, manage resource forecasting, and monitor and control expenditures against the department budget

    • Review, approve, and sign documents for activities as authorized and described by Genentech policies, procedures and job descriptions

    • Be accountable for behaviors described in the Roche Leadership capabilities

    • Lead scientific innovation efforts to identify, evaluate and implement novel technologies 

    • Interact and collaborate effectively with staff and directors of related functions and stakeholders (cell culture, purification, formulation, commercial quality and manufacturing, regulatory)

    • Influence industry best practices and Health Authorities on trends and policies by actively participating in conferences and workshops

    • Expected to exhibit strong teamwork and collaborative skills with strong verbal and written communication.




    2/15/18 Sr Engineer, Facilities Engineering Individual Contributor Oceanside, California

    Responsible for providing engineering expertise to support the design, installation, commissioning, start-up, and validation of GMP process equipment.  Focus on providing support for existing process equipments through continuous improvement activities that include change control, updating drawings, revising operating procedures and working with teams from Manufacturing, MSAT, Process Maintenance, and Quality to support manufacturing.

    • Technical leadership and/or support of GMP process equipment  analysis, design, construction, implementation, commissioning and qualification activities including,
      • Process equipment and project engineering support of expense/capital projects, including direction of other technical personnel, and guidance and oversight of contract staff in their assigned area.
      • Review and make recommendations for GMP process equipment selection, design, installation, commissioning, and validation in their assigned area.
      • Participate in development of project scope, execution strategies, and resource requirements.
      • Participate in system and equipment design and procurement, engineering documentation such as PFDs, P&IDs, URSs, Design Specifications, RFQs, contractor bid packages, equipment data sheets, piping isometrics, and Installation Qualification.
      • Develop controlled, technical documents based on P&ID documents produced by engineering firms to support start-up, commissioning, validation and operation of GMP process equipments.
      • Serve as the key interface with subcontractors, installation contractors, and commissioning contractors.
      • Coordinate the field installation of process equipments by performing regular field walk-through tours and inspections and initiate any procedures necessary to resolve problems.
      • Ensure compliance with Pharmaceutical Quality System and company engineering standards and requirements.
      • Approval of project documentation, assessment/approval of Change Control records, and approval of Validation protocols
    • Technical support of site and engineering network activities including,

      • Process equipment engineering subject matter expertise to MSAT, Manufacturing, Quality, and Facility Services organizations.
      • Serve as the GMP process equipment subject matter expert for change records, discrepancy assessments, investigations, CAPAs, risk assessments, and safety in their assigned area.
      • Collaboration with peers in the continuous improvement of technical infrastructure, including standards, practices, specifications, procedures and business processes
      • Development and/or approval of controlled documents impacting GMP process equipments.
    • Play an essential leadership role in the operation and troubleshooting of the GMP process equipments. This will be accomplished through review and interaction with manufacturing, design engineers, process maintenance, SHE, and Quality.All employees with jobs that require access to the Warehouse must be able to pass the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Threat Assessment (STA).
    • Ensures the integration of environmental health, safety, and security into the business processes, systems, and programs while reporting safety and environmental incidents including injuries, illnesses, and safety suggestions within one’s functional area.  Fosters a positive safety culture in which no one gets hurt.
    • Facilitate department meetings as necessary to keep staff apprised of project status.
    • Attend seminars and/or classes as necessary to meet technical and/or business demands.

    2/15/18 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Imaging, Weimer Lab, Genentech Research Individual Contributor South San Francisco, California

    The laboratory of Robby Weimer, in the Biomedical Imaging department, is seeking a motivated and creative postdoctoral fellow interested in developing novel in vivo imaging methods to study the role of innate immune cells in neurodegenerative disorders. Projects in the laboratory combine molecular, genetic and quantitative imaging approaches to model and investigate human disease pathophysiology in vivo.  This project will focus on understanding the relationship between protein pathologies associated with Alzheimer’s disease, microglia activity and neurodegeneration.
    For more information on Robby Weimer lab, please visit:
    Information about the postdoctoral program at Genentech can be found at
    2/15/18 Sr Manager Facilities - Site Services Manager with Direct Reports South San Francisco, California

    Department: Facilities Operations & Maintenance
    Reporting Supervisor: Mike Rumsey
    Cost Center Name: Facilities Operations & Maintenance
    Job Family / Category: Facilities Management
    Location: South San Francisco, CA

    • Drive quality and on-time performance. Ensure all aspects of day-to-day campus operations are reliable, efficient and meet right-to-operate compliance. Host auditors and investigators from regulatory agencies, CAL-OSHA, fire and property loss, Finance and Human Resources.
    • Drive reliability performance and support price negotiations with utility service providers
    • Responsible for delivering and utilizing performance-based IFM hard and soft services, and effectively driving performance improvements.
    • Own the work order system (CMMS) for the campus, ensure it is functioning reliably and the correct metrics are in place to measure performance
    • Know priorities and delegate effectively to staff. Review equipment SOP’s both existing and new. Make changes for optimizing PM’s
    • Support department leadership to strengthen and monitor the effectiveness of critical business processes including audit readiness and response, work order delivery, facilities asset management and financial management
    • Apply expert knowledge to incorporate advanced technologies and provide exceptional ingenuity in resolving facility and operational issues.
    • Effectively communicates with an extensive array of manufacturing, research and development, and administrative customers.
    • Analyzes equipment performance and interpret trends to prevent breakdowns.
    • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and pursues changes and upgrades to the systems as warranted.
    • Influence and motivate others to achieve objectives. Negotiate constructive win/win solutions to resolve complex issues using a collaborative style/approach. Model “One Team” behaviors across Site Services.
    • Work collaboratively with Service Providers and specialized vendors.

    Important Information

    Genentech is an equal opportunity employer & prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin/ancestry, age, disability, marital & veteran status. For more information about equal employment opportunity protections, view the EEO is the poster.

    If you have a disability and need an accommodation in connection with the on-line application process, please email us at

    Genentech will not discharge or in any other manner discriminate against employees or applicants because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their own pay or the pay of another employee or applicant. However, employees who have access to the compensation information of other employees or applicants as a part of their essential job functions cannot disclose the pay of other employees or applicants to individuals who do not otherwise have access to compensation information, unless the disclosure is (a) in response to a formal complaint or charge, (b) in furtherance of an investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an investigation conducted by the employer, or (c) consistent with the contractor’s legal duty to furnish information.