Hiring at Genentech

How We Get To Know You

At Genentech, we seek out passionate people with the drive to help solve the world’s most challenging medical conditions. We know our employees are integral to our success. We have created a hiring process that allows us get to know you and you to know us. We start by clearly defining needs and job criteria. Here’s what you can expect next…

Phase 1: Discovery

Search, Outreach & Network:

Finding the right people to help us change the face of medicine involves casting a wide net and engaging in many conversations. This is initiated by posting on gene.com and relevant job boards, leveraging our social channels, and our referral networks.

Screening & Selection:

We confirm the receipt of all applications and evaluate candidates carefully to identify individuals whose backgrounds align with the job criteria. Applicants are either invited to interview or notified that they aren’t a current match and encouraged to sign up for future alerts.

Interesting Fact: 266,000+ applications received annually with between 300-500 jobs open at any given time.

Phase 2: Evaluation

Initial Interviews:

Beginning the conversation, the staffing team and hiring manager get to know candidates better while helping them fully understand our commitment to making a difference in the lives of patients. These are conducted via telephone, video or on-site.

Final On-Site Interviews:

Final candidates can expect between one and two full days of on-site interviews. Format can be one-on-one, panel or presentation. For candidates, it’s the chance to shine and address many of the specifics: compensation, career pathing, relocation and immigration, etc.

Candidate Evaluation:

We use a team-based approach for evaluating all candidates, focusing on core competencies, technical skills, career goals and opportunities, group compatibility and references.

Interesting Fact: 6,800+ interviews conducted annually

Phase 3: Offer

Reference & Background Check:

Candidates can expect to be asked for three references: two managers and one peer.

Job Offer & Acceptance:

Selected candidates will receive a detailed offer letter, which demonstrates our Total Rewards philosophy, outlining all benefits and compensation. All non-selected candidates are personally notified once an acceptance is received.

Interesting Fact: 3,500+ positions filled annually

Phase 4: Welcome

Relocation & Immigration:

We have dedicated immigration lawyers, global mobility consultants and staffing team members to help candidates for positions that are eligible for relocation and/or immigration assistance.

Hiring & Onboarding:

All employees are welcomed by a call or meeting with their manager, ordering their workstation of choice (Mac or PC) and confirming new hire orientation, where they’ll begin to learn how they can help change the face of medicine.

Interesting Fact: 13,600+ Genentech employees