Kavita Patel

Product Director - HVC Marketing

The sales and marketing effort at Genentech may be far more rigorous than it is at most companies, but as far as Kavita is concerned, it's worth it. The people are a large part of it — they're continually willing to help and share their knowledge — but the recognition Kavita receives for her efforts also goes a long way. As Kavita notes, "The Commercial Marketing Excellence Awards and the Commercial Administrative Excellence Awards, during which the senior leadership team recognizes our outstanding achievements, are unique to Genentech. It's such an enjoyable event, and you even get to dress up in formal attire."

Kavita makes the most out of the friendly and helpful nature of her colleagues, scheduling lunch dates, informational meetings or even time to just grab coffee and get together to talk. "Doing this really helped make me feel at home here and become immersed in the Genentech culture. Beyond this, Kavita leverages the Genentech Concierge Service to help manage her life. "It's really a top-notch service that takes care of busy work such as planning personal events, whether they're in San Francisco or across the globe. I've even used the service to make dinner reservations and purchase tickets to shows. And, just like everything at Genentech, the service is exceptional."

"Genentech employees are very friendly and helpful. They love what they do and have a strong commitment to helping patients."

A Natural at Networking

It didn't take Kavita Patel very long to fit right in at Genentech. A natural when it comes to networking, Kavita reached out to her colleagues from day one. Even though she's part of the commercial area, she feels at home no matter where she is on the Genentech campus.