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Visiting Our Campus

Welcome! The South San Francisco campus is large, hilly, and consists of over 40 buildings housing scientific research, manufacturing operations, and various business functions.

To help plan your visit, click the links below to learn more information and access an interactive map that highlights our lobby buildings and parking around campus.

Getting Here

Tips on how to get to campus for visitors driving or taking public transit.

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Checking In

Information on where to check-in and identification requirements.

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Getting Here

Before visiting the South San Francisco campus, visitors must have a Genentech host to sponsor their visit. The host must register a visitor with reception and upon arrival all visitors must check-in at a lobby to receive a guest badge. You can use the map below to find the campus lobby you will be checking into and nearby parking:

Checking in at a Lobby

Visitors must check-in with a receptionist to receive a visitor badge upon arrival. Buildings with a lobby are indicated in blue on the Vistor Parking map. You can also find them on the interactive map or dropdown list below. Visitor badges are valid for one day only and must be returned to reception at the end of the visit.

Check-in Requirements:

  1. A valid photo ID (federal or state)
  2. Vehicle description and license plate number

Once you check in our campus ambassadors will provide information on how to use our campus shuttles to get around campus and how to access other amenities like cafeterias.