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...thank you for allowing me to dream, be inspired, and discover more about the world.”
8th grade, Alta Loma Middle School
South San Francisco

Mr. Tom’s 8th Grade Class, Alta Loma Middle School

We have a lot of students.
We have limited funds.
Meg Milani, Teacher
South San Francisco High School
More students per class
(than schools in San Mateo County)
44different languages
spoken in SSF schools
Of students are English
language learners
Families don't
have a lot to give
Of students’ families
are low income
Redwood City
San Carlos
Community-based fundraising for additional programs
(such as art, science and physical education)
Fewer dollars per SSF student
(than schools in San Mateo County)
is about

Ms. Hough’s 3rd Grade Class, Spruce Elementary

We have the potential to move the needle on science education in South San Francisco by sharing our resources, our knowledge and our expertise. We want to inspire students in the life-long exploration of science and grow the next generation of innovators.
We need to come together on a much bigger scale to foster talent that will drive innovation.
Senior Vice President, gRED Portfolio Management and Operations at Genentech
Leana, 9th Grade, El Camino High School
Building Upon Success Anchored in our award-winning Gene Academy, Futurelab expands our promise to deliver engaging science programs to all grade levels in South San Francisco schools.
Gene Academy
“Science is fun!”
A weekly onsite mentoring program for elementary students that makes homework fun and fosters curiosity and confidence in science.
October - May at Genentech
Helix Cup
“I can do science!”
An innovative annual competition for middle school students that sparks imagination and builds skills in science through tangible real-world challenges.
February - May at SSF middle schools
Science Garage
“I'll work in science!”
A newly created curriculum of biotech courses that will fulfill college entry requirements for high school students and empower them to pursue careers in science.
Ongoing in SSF high schools
Do you remember what it's like?
To learn something new,
To make a discovery,
To have a hero,
To be a kid?

Rediscover the wonder. Be the hero in a child's life. Help them unleash their potential.

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