Genentech takes the health and safety of our patients, customers, employees and local communities very seriously, and we are actively responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic. For more, please visit our COVID-19 response page.

Working with Our Communities

We are committed to strong relationships with diverse organizations in the places where we work and live.

Strategic Partnerships

We work with partner organizations to help spread the word about the rewards of a career in biotech. We’re also always looking for partners who can offer our employees access to professional development opportunities. The goal here is to help organizations attract members who may also be qualified for leadership roles at Genentech.

Our DNA Groups (Diversity Network Associations)

Our Diversity Network Associations (DNA groups) and Diversity Council champion professional development, strategic healthcare and educational outreach in the community.

DNA groups partner with non-profit organizations to expand our reach with healthcare providers and patient populations. We make sure to align our partnerships with the interests of our employees, our mission and our community.

Our DNA groups serve as a vital connection between employees, leadership, local businesses and community organizations. These groups include: