Grants and Contributions Report

Genentech supports independent medical education initiatives and charitable activities that are aligned with our efforts to improve patient care.

Genentech upholds the highest standards of integrity in the way we conduct business, therefore we fully support the industry movement toward increased transparency of financial relationships. By making available information related to our funding decisions, we hope to further the public's understanding of our commitment to increase health care knowledge and advance patient care.

Genentech supports a variety of organizations through a range of programs. This support includes independent medical education funding to the health care community as a means of enhancing the medical community's ability to care for patients, and contributions to nonprofit organizations that make a difference in a number of areas, including improving the lives of patients, furthering research and education efforts, and strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

Genentech's support is compliant with federal and state laws, as well as guidelines that govern such activities. Genentech’s review process of funding requests does not take into account whether the requesting organization is a current or potential customer of Genentech products. Genentech commercial staff, including field and marketing staff, is not involved in decisions to fund Independent Medical Education (IME) programs, Healthcare-Related Charitable Support, Philanthropic Charitable Support, Scientific Charitable Support, Scientific Project Support, and Fellowships.

Information about our medical education grants and charitable contributions is posted semi-annually in our yearly reports.

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