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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Genentech disclosing this information?

A: In keeping with our core value of integrity, we believe this initiative will build trust with our patients and other stakeholders by increasing the transparency of our decisions related to charitable giving and independent medical education grants. We want the public, patients and other stakeholders to know and understand the extent of our involvement in medical education, patient advocacy and professional associations.

Q: What prompted Genentech to disclose this information?

A: Sharing detailed information about corporate giving and support for medical education grants is an increasing focus within the healthcare arena, and we believe that this expanded disclosure is directly in line with our longstanding commitment to engage in ethical behavior. We have the ability to provide the information about our medical education grants and charitable contributions to our stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

Q: What details is Genentech disclosing?

A: We currently disclose information about grants and charitable contributions, including activities that support medical education and patient education.

Q: How does Genentech define "grants and charitable contributions"?

A: Charitable contributions are focused on a variety of areas, including improving the lives of patients, furthering research and education efforts, and strengthening the communities in which we live and operate. Independent medical education grants provide opportunities to support educational activities that enhance the medical community's ability to care for patients.

Q: How does Genentech ensure that grants and charitable contributions do not pose a conflict of interest with recipient organizations?

A: Genentech follows industry guidelines and has its own set of policies and well-defined procedures with respect to the giving of medical education grants. Genentech maintains a comprehensive Healthcare Compliance program in accordance with the April 2003 publication, "Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers."

Q: Exactly what organizations does Genentech support and for what purposes?

A: All of that information is available in our Grants and Contributions Report.

Q: How do I apply for a grant?

A: Organizations and individuals wishing to apply for medical education and/or other charitable grants from Genentech should visit Genentech Grants to learn about our giving guidelines and complete an application

Q: Where can I learn more about Genentech's giving activities?

A: For more information, please visit the Giving and Grants section of our corporate website. Here you can find information on our program areas of focus and how to apply for a grant.