What We Are Learning

The Genentech Foundation is partnering with a range of organizations to support the development of career pathways in biotechnology for underserved populations. We look forward to sharing the learnings and outcomes from these partnerships to both strengthen our own efforts and to help provide knowledge that can strengthen other investments in this area.

Employment and Training Programs

We are investing in programs that provide sector-specific job training and placement support with social services to facilitate more underserved populations to succeed in the workforce. A pilot program for veterans brings together biotech employers with a shared commitment to hiring underserved populations and creates lasting opportunities and career pathways in the sector.

Our partners include:

Community College Bridge to Biotech Programs

We are supporting community college biotech programs that provide skills-based learning and employment experiences that are critical for the long-term career pathway development of entry-level job seekers.

Our partners include:

Career Pathway-Enabling Supportive Services

We are supporting community-based organizations that provide services such as housing, case management, and financial supports coupled with comprehensive workforce development programming that are essential for pre-entry-level job seekers to successfully advance on a career pathway.