Middle School Science Challenge Pilot

Delivering Medicine Where It's Needed

Genentech is partnering with SSF schools to pilot a middle school science competition in order to build a challenge-based science competition in 2015.

Delivering Medicine Where It's Needed - Downloadable document which describes why access to clean water is important as it relates to global healthcare.

Challenge 1 - Providing Clean Water (Desalination)

Desalination involves heating salty (or otherwise contaminated) water to the point where it evaporates (leaving behind the salt/contaminants) and becomes water vapor. The water vapor is then cooled until is condenses into water droplets and the water droplets are collected.

Teams of 3-4 students will compete to build a desalination system to convert dirty saltwater into clean drinking water. Teams will be judged on the cost (in Discovery Dollars) of the materials they use, and on the purity and quantity of the water converted by their system.

Documents for Teachers

Providing Clean Water PowerPoint

Presentation for teachers to describe to students the challenges of providing clean water

Material Needed for Providing Clean Water

List of materials needed for Challenge 1. These materials will be ordered by Genentech and sent to the teachers

Providing Clean Water Instructions

Instructions for teachers on Challenge 1

Providing Clean Water Scoring Worksheet

Document to aid teachers in judging Challenge 1

Volunteer Instructions

Instructions for Genentech volunteers

Documents to be Distributed to Students

Student Worksheet

This document should be distributed to the students after the teacher has walked the students through the PowerPoint

Student Reflection Sheet

This document is distributed to students after they have completed the challenge so that they can reflect on what they have learned about desalination

Tracking Table

Students will use this document to keep track of the materials they use and discovery dollars used in creating their desalination system