Thursday, Dec 8, 1988

Ralph Snyderman, Genentech VP Named Chancellor at Duke University Medical School

South San Francisco, Calif. -- December 8, 1988 --

Ralph Snyderman, M.D., senior vice president of medical research and development, has been appointed chancellor for health affairs and dean of the School of Medicine at Duke University.

Dr. Snyderman will remain in his current position at Genentech until late spring, in order to complete a number of ongoing projects and assure a smooth transition. He will maintain a long-term relationship with Genentech, providing counsel in the areas of product development and regulatory affairs.

"Ralph Snyderman richly deserves this distinguished position," said Robert A. Swanson, chief executive officer. "We are proud that he can return to academia in such an important capacity while continuing a productive relationship with the company. The flow of scientists to and from Genentech and major academic institutions is one of the key strengths of our research and development organization."

Duke President H. Keith H. Brodie said Dr. Snyderman "brings great scholarship to his new position here, and his recent experience in the corporate world adds to his outstanding academic credentials."

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