Monday, Mar 8, 1982

Genentech Scientists Develop Bovine Interferon

South San Francisco, Calif. -- March 8, 1982 --

Scientists at Genentech, Inc. reported the successful recombinant DNA production of bovine interferon, a potential preventive and therapeutic treatment of viral-related diseases such as shipping fever in cattle. Addressing a scientific conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Interferons and their Relationship to Therapeutics held today at Squaw Valley, California, Dr. Daniel Capon and Dr. David Goeddel described the methods used to produce the animal interferon in bacteria.

James Leith, Director of Agricultural Business Development at Genentech, said, "Viral-related diseases are the major cause of livestock loss. There has never been sufficient bovine interferon to investigated its potential in preventing and treating these diseases which have been so costly to cattlemen and consumers. Now, recombinant DNA technology allows us to produce enough interferon for extensive investigation." Leith said the Company is developing the product independently at this time.

The first products developed by the genetic engineering firm were primarily for human health care applications and included human insulin, interferons, human growth hormone, albumin and calcitonin. Insulin and growth hormone, now in advanced phases of clinical study, are expected to be the first human recombinant DNA products to become commercially available. Two sub-types of leukocyte interferon are presently in human clinical investigations as potential anti-viral, anti-tumor therapies.

The Company has since expanded its research efforts to include product development for agricultural and industrial chemical applications. Three agricultural products have been announced in the last two years: bovine and porcine growth hormones and a vaccine against foot and mouth diseases.

Genentech, Inc. headquarters are located at 460 Point San Bruno Blvd., South San Francisco, Calif.

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