Tuesday, Nov 12, 1985

Business Venture Formed for Vitamin C Process Development

South San Francisco, Calif. -- November 12, 1985 --

Genentech, Inc., The Lubrizol Corporation and Pfizer, Inc. today announced plans to collaborate on the development of a new and simplified process for manufacture of vitamin C. Key to the new process is a unique microorganism, produced by genetic engineers at Genentech. Using this organism, a single fermentation step can replace the first five steps of the current process, potentially reducing manufacturing costs.

Research on the new process was sponsored by Genentech and Lubrizol Enterprises, Inc., a subsidiary of The Lubrizol Corporation. The two companies have recently formed a joint venture, GLC Associates, to further develop and commercialize this new technology. Each company has equal ownership in the venture. GLC will collaborate with Pfizer to accelerate the development of this new manufacturing process. If the development is successful, it is anticipated that initial commercial production of vitamin C will take place at Pfizer. GLC ultimately may build facilities for manufacture of the vitamin using the streamlined process.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is used widely, not only in vitamin supplements but also as a food and beverage additive. The annual worldwide market for the product is approximately $400 million.

Dr. L.E. Coleman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Lubrizol Corporation noted that, "The encouraging progress of the vitamin C project confirms our belief that recombinant DNA technology will play a significant role in the production of specialty chemicals for industrial use."

"We are very pleased to have Lubrizol and Pfizer as partners to bring this new technology to industry," according to Robert A. Swanson, Chief Executive Officer of Genentech.

Pfizer Inc. is a worldwide research-based company with interrelated businesses in health care, agriculture, specialty chemicals, materials science and consumer products. The company is headquartered in New York City.

The Lubrizol Corporation is a broad-based specialty chemical manufacturer and agribusiness company headquartered in Wickliffe, Ohio. The company produces chemicals for the industrial and transportation sectors of the economy in addition to planting seeds for the agricultural sector.

Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, California, is a leading biotechnology company, focusing on the development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals produced by recombinant DNA technology.

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