Monday, Sep 18, 1989

Genentech Receives Third Patent for Gamma Interferon

South San Francisco, Calif. -- September 18, 1989 --

Genentech, Inc., today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has awarded the company a patent for recombinant DNA technology relating to the manufacture of its gamma interferon. This is the third patent relating to the expression and manufacture of gamma interferon issued to Genentech.

The patent covers expression vectors used in making the recombinant human gamma interferon, which currently is being studied for its effectiveness in treating and preventing infections in humans. All host expression systems -- mammalian, yeast and bacterial cells -- are protected.

Genentech had previously received two other patents relating to gamma interferon. The first, granted in February of 1988, covers the genetic blueprint, or DNA, of gamma interferon molecules. The second, granted in August of 1988, covers the cell cultures and vectors, which are the tools needed to express recombinant gamma interferon. Genentech has several additional patent applications pending.

Gamma interferon is a naturally-occurring protein produced by white blood cells, which stimulates the immune system. Recombinant gamma interferon is a protein produced in large quantities outside of the human body via recombinant DNA technology.

Genentech's development of gamma interferon includes studies which test the safety and efficacy of the drug in patients with chronic granulomatous disease, trauma-related infections, and certain types of cancers. Phase III clinical studies for each of these indications are in progress.

Genentech is a leading biotechnology company focusing on the development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals produced by recombinant DNA technology.

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