Tuesday, Dec 12, 1989

TGF-beta Patent Issued December 12, 1989

South San Francisco, Calif. -- December 12, 1989 --

Genentech was awarded a U.S. patent, #4,886,747, for TGF-beta on December 12, 1989. The patent covers the method for producing recombinant TGF-beta in both mammalian and yeast cells.

TGF-beta, or transforming growth factor-beta, is a natural hormone which is believed to impact the body's ability to grow and repair bones and soft tissue. Genentech is conducting pre-clinical studies of rTGF-beta to evaluate its potential use in facilitating wound healing and bone repair.

This newly issued patent covers the manufacturing process, including claims to vectors, host cells, culture, and recovery, as well as the expression vector containing DNA encoding rTGF-beta and the eukaryotic host cell with the vector. It is the first patent to be issued in the United States for TGF-beta made by recombinant means.

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