Monday, Jun 14, 1993

Bio Holds First Board Meeting, Genentech CEO Elected Chairman

Washington D.C. -- June 14, 1993 --

G. Kirk Raab, president and CEO of Genentech, Inc., has been elected chairman of the board of directors of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), at the first meeting of the unified trade group created out of the merger of the two largest U.S. biotechnology trade organizations.

In addition to Raab, Henri Termeer, chairman, president and CEO of Genzyme Corporation, was elected vice chairman for health Care and Roger Salquist, chairman of Calgene, Inc., was elected vice chairman for Food, Agriculture and Environment. David Hale, chairman, president and CEO of Gensia Pharmaceuticals, Inc., was elected secretary and Mitchel Sayara, chairman of ImmunoGen, Inc., was elected treasurer.

As chairman of BIO, Raab will head an organization of more than 500 former members of the Industrial Biotechnology Association (IBA) and the Association of Biotechnology Companies (ABC). The new organization will represent biotechnology companies, state biotechnology centers, industry suppliers, educational institutions and local chapters and affiliates in 27 countries.

"The creation of BIO represents a coming of age for the biotechnology industry," said Raab. "It means that at one of the most crucial times in our history, we will be able to have all facets of our industry represented by a single entity, a unified voice to carry the message about biotechnology's value to nation's the future economic health and quality of life."

The BIO Board of Directors also established the new association's primary organizational and public policy objectives for the year. BIO will work to continue its constructive relationship with the Administration and Congress on health care reform and other issues. The association will also work to establish relationships with patient advocacy groups and other interested parties to broaden public support for biotechnology.

On the agricultural side, BIO will work with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to increase public support for genetically modified foods and agricultural products.

BIO will also work to finalize the merger process, and expand the array of services it offers to member companies through new publications, service programs and other activities.

"Kirk Raab's selection as BIO's first chairman signifies a great deal about the new organization," commented Carl B. Feldbaum, BIO president. "He is one of the preeminent executives in the industry and Genentech one of the pioneer companies in the field. Our board, and our organization, is going to take our message of a life-saving technology, innovation and entrepreneurial investment to the governmental leaders who make the laws and set the policies for our industry."

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