Monday, Jul 16, 2001

Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences Awards $766,000 to Local Community Programs

South San Francisco, Calif. -- July 16, 2001 --

The Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences announced today that its Board of Directors has awarded 16 grants totaling more than $766,000 to organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. This represents a 58 percent increase in grants in comparison to the 2000 grant total.

"For more than a decade, the Foundation has shown a strong commitment to the Bay Area educational community by supporting innovative science programs, such as our Gene Connection high school biotechnology project. We appreciate and thank the Foundation for its long term support," said Gary Nakagiri, K-12 Science Coordinator for San Mateo County.

This year's grants include: a high school science program that reaches out to minority and low-income students, a community partnership program that encourages medical students to focus efforts on medically underserved populations, a project to incorporate life sciences into exhibits at a local science museum, and several programs that help high school science labs incorporate biotechnology into the classroom.

"Speaking on behalf of the Board, I am quite pleased that the Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences has increased its giving this year. The Foundation performs a unique service by ensuring that Bay Area communities have support for programs that encourage science literacy and excellence in the area that is the birthplace of biotechnology," said Herbert Boyer, Ph.D., Chairman of the Foundation and Genentech co-founder.

The late Robert Swanson, co-founder of Genentech, founded the Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences in 1988. Current Board members include: Bruce Alberts, Ph.D., President, National Academy of Sciences; Goery Delacote, Ph.D., Executive Director, Exploratorium; Zach W. Hall, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor, Office of Research, University of California, San Francisco; and Edward Harris, Ph.D., George deForest Barnett Professor, Department of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine.

The Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences is funded through a mechanism where Genentech provides to the Foundation payments and royalties from license agreements under the Riggs-Itakura family of patents.

The Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences has committed grants to the following organizations this year:

Alameda County Berkeley Biotechnology Education, Inc. East Bay Biotechnology Education Partnership National Kidney Foundation, Northern Chapter

Marin County Marin County Office of Education, Program in Biotechnology Education, PROBE Bay Area Discovery Museum

Santa Clara County Andrew P. Hill High School, The Biotechnology Academy Santa Clara County Biotechnology Education Partnership Stanford University, Community Partnership Medical Scholars

San Francisco County San Francisco Unified School District, Gateway High School Exploratorium, Traits of Life University of California, San Francisco, * Fellowship Support for Medical Student Research * Diversity Encore Program/Summer Research Training Program UCSF Graduate Student's Association, Women in Life Sciences

San Mateo County Mercy High School San Mateo County of Education, Gene Connection Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education, School Services Program

Yolo County University of California, Davis, Center for Engineering Plants for Resistance Against Pathogens

The Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences is an independent, nonprofit organization that supports biomedical education and research in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundation supports educational programs at junior high and high schools, colleges and universities, museums, and community organizations that foster science education for under-represented minorities and underprivileged groups, and other relevant community outreach.

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