External Council Members

Otis Brawley, MD
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Former Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for the American Cancer Society

John Carpten, PhD
Professor & Chair, Department of Translational Genomics, and Director, Institute for Translational Genomics Keck School of Medicine, USC

Keith D. Carter, MD
Chairman and Head, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Iowa; President, American Academy of Ophthalmology

Joseph Coney, MD
Ophthalmologist & Retinal Specialist, Retina Associates of Cleveland, Hillcrest Hospital, University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

Andrea Ferris, MBA
President & Chief Executive Officer, LUNGevity

Owen Garrick, MD, MBA
Chief Operating Officer & Director, Bridge Clinical Research

Kathy Giacomini, PhD
Professor, UCSF, and Co-Director, UCSF-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Sciences and Innovation

Ruben Mesa, MD
Director, National Cancer Institute, UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center, University Presidential Chair, Mays Family Foundation

Stephanie Monroe, JD
Executive Director, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s African American Network

Edith Perez, MD
Director, Translational Genomics Program, Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer

Fabian Sandoval, MD
Chief Executive Officer & Research Director, Emerson Clinical Research Institute

Mitzi Williams, MD
Neurologist & MS Specialist, Multiple Sclerosis Center of Atlanta

Robert Winn, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Community Based Practice and Director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System

Genentech Committee Members

Susan Begelman, MD
VP of Rare Diseases, Influenza, and Established Product Medical Unit in U.S. Medical Affairs

Victor Chan, MD
Operations Franchise Lead

Asha S. Collins, PhD
Country Head, U.S. Country Clinical Operations, PD Clinical Operations

Quita Highsmith, MBA
Head of Alliance & Advocacy Relations, Co-Lead, Advancing Inclusive Research

Jane Myles, MS
Head of Operational Intelligence & Innovation, Pharma Development Clinical Operations

Nicole Richie, PhD
Clinical Science Business Strategy Leader, Co-Lead, Advancing Inclusive Research

Gerren Wilson, PharmD
Associate Director-Patient Engagement, Alliance and Advocacy Relations

From left to right: Susan Begelman, Fabian Sandoval, Nicole Richie, Bill Anderson, Quita Highsmith, Joseph Coney, Keith Carter, Otis Brawley, Mitzi Williams, Stephanie Monroe, Gerren Wilson, Ruben Mesa, Sandra Horning, Andrea Ferris, Owen Garrick. Edith Perez, Ariel Lopez-Chavez, Asha Collins