We all know someone who has been affected by a neurological condition, like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or rare diseases like spinal muscular atrophy, Huntington’s disease or ALS. There are hundreds of these disorders impacting nearly 100 million Americans alone.

These conditions can alter the very essence of what makes us human—the way we think, communicate, move and remember. Over time, they can slowly take away the unique qualities that make us who we are, or who we may one day become.

Our hope is to create a tomorrow where neurological disorders no longer limit human potential—to help preserve what makes people who they are.

Our Commitment

Conditions of the nervous system are some of the most complex to understand and treat—posing some of the most difficult scientific challenges of our time. We are up for those challenges.

Genentech is committed to supporting people affected by neurological disorders. As a member of the Roche Group, we have the technology and scientific insights to discover and develop breakthrough medicines for the most common and rare neurological conditions so that we can slow, or even one day reverse, the progression of disease.

But our commitment goes beyond our medicines. Our teams have also been supporting new research through grants, partnering with communities to uncover and test new clinical endpoints, and identifying new digital technologies to diagnose and monitor disease progression.

With our partners across advocacy, academia, industry and the broader healthcare community, we continue to push the boundaries of scientific understanding to achieve clinical advancements. Together, we hope to solve some of the greatest challenges that have eluded the neuroscience community for generations.

Our Pipeline

For decades, Roche and Genentech have been conducting neuroscience research and clinical trials aimed at exploring areas of the highest medical need. We continue to grow and advance our neuroscience portfolio to be one of the most diverse and promising in the industry.

65+ Clinical trials globally in neurological disorders

12+ Investigational medicines in development for rare and common neurological disorders

Our Heritage

Our Perspectives

Learn more about the complexity of neurological disorders and how we’re working to better understand them.

Our News and Publications

Read the latest news and publications about our work in neuroscience.

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