Andrew Peterson - Principal Scientist, Molecular Biology

Andrew Peterson

Principal Scientist, Molecular Biology

Postdoc Mentor
"The environment in Research is one in which decision-making is logical, science-based and transparent, and the interactions are collegial. Although these things seem simple and obvious, having them in place allows us to focus on the excitement of science and how to translate biology into effective therapeutics."
Years at Genentech
Awards & Honors

I visited Genentech in 1989 and gave a seminar on CD4 and HIV interactions. That was my first and only direct exposure to the environment here for quite some time but it made a lasting impression and I was very excited when presented with the opportunity to come here as a Senior Scientist in 2005.

Postdoctoral Mentor

The postdoctoral fellows in my lab drive our work in new and exciting directions. At present they are focused on understanding the signals and regulatory mechanisms that drive the postnatal expansion and functional maturation of the alpha and beta cells of endocrine pancreas.

Featured Publication

A ciliopathy complex at the transition zone protects the cilia as a privileged membrane domain.

Nat Cell Biol. 2011 Dec 18;14(1):61-72. doi: 10.1038/ncb2410.

Chih B, Liu P, Chinn Y, Chalouni C, Komuves LG, Hass PE, Sandoval W, Peterson AS.