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Arvind Rajpal - Vice President, Large Molecule Drug Discovery

Arvind Rajpal

Vice President, Large Molecule Drug Discovery

Postdoc Mentor
"I aspire to innovate at the interface between biology and technology with the hope to address unmet medical needs."

I joined Genentech in 2020 as Vice President, Large Molecule Drug Discovery. I was attracted to Genentech because of its reputation, scientific rigor, and rich legacy in large molecule drug discovery and development.

The large molecule discovery team collaborates with therapeutic area biology, functional, and early development teams to establish and progress a potentially impactful therapeutics portfolio.

Featured Publication

VISTA Is an Acidic pH-selective Ligand for PSGL-1.

Nature. 2019 Oct;574(7779):565- 570. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1674-5.

Johnston RJ, Su LJ, Pinckney J, Critton D, Boyer E, Krishnakumar A, Corbett M, Rankin AL, Dibella R, Campbell L, Martin GH, Lemar H, Cayton T, Huang RY, Deng X, Nayeem A, Chen H, Ergel B, Rizzo JM, Yamniuk AP, Dutta S, Ngo J, Shorts AO, Ramakrishnan R, Kozhich A, Holloway J, Fang H, Wang YK, Yang Z, Thiam K, Rakestraw G, Rajpal A, Sheppard P, Quigley M, Bahjat KS, Korman AJ.