Brad Snedecor - Distinguished Engineer, Early Stage Cell Culture

Brad Snedecor

Distinguished Engineer, Early Stage Cell Culture

Staff Scientist
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I came to Genentech in 1981 as a newly minted Biochemical Engineer and was hired as a Scientist to help establish the Biocatalysis Department then in Research, and in 1987 joined Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry. In 1988 I moved into Fermentation R&D, developing the initial fermentation process technology for antibody fragment expression in E. coli, and from 1994 led the E. coli fermentation development labs for the next decade. Since that time I have focused on mammalian cell culture technology development, and now lead an Early Stage Cell Culture group in Pharma Technical Development that develops mammalian manufacturing cell lines and works to improve cell line development.

Pharma Technical Development bridges Research to Manufacturing, and I enjoy tremendously the opportunity to engage the diverse problems that entails, working with diverse and ingenious people across the company.

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