Brad Snedecor - Distinguished Engineer, Cell Culture and Bioprocess Operations

Brad Snedecor

Distinguished Engineer, Cell Culture and Bioprocess Operations

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I came to Genentech in 1981 from MIT as a newly minted Biochemical Engineer and was hired as a Scientist to help establish the Biocatalysis Department then in Research, and in 1987 joined Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry. In 1988 I moved into Fermentation R&D, developing the initial process technology for antibody fragment expression in E. coli, and from 1994 led the E. coli fermentation development labs for the next decade. Since that time I have focused on mammalian cell culture technology development, and for 12 years led a Cell Culture group in Pharma Technical Development that works to develop mammalian manufacturing cell lines and to improve cell line development, during the development of targeted integration, 1-cell bispecific antibody cell lines, pool-for-tox timeline acceleration, single cell lines for tox through production, and timeline acceleration from serum free cell line development. Titers went from 1 g/L to > 10 g/L over this period. Since 2018 I've served as a technical expert for this and other groups in Cell Culture.

Pharma Technical Development bridges Research to Manufacturing, and I enjoy tremendously the opportunity to engage the diverse problems that entails, working with ingenious people across the company.

Featured Publication

Resilient immortals, characterizing and utilizing Bax/Bak deficient Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells for high titer antibody production.

Biotechnology Progress, ISSN: 87567938

Shahram Misaghi; Yan Qu; Andrew Snowden; Jennifer Chang; Brad Snedecor