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Christian Cunningham - Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry

Christian Cunningham

Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry

"The amazing people and collaborations at Genentech motivate me to pursue innovative science aimed at discovering novel therapeutics to help patients in need."
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I began my career at Genentech in 2011 as a Senior Research Associate in Early Discovery Biochemistry after completing my Ph.D. at UCSF in Biophysics and a postdoc at Stanford University. My first project was a collaboration with the Neuroscience Department aimed at understanding the molecular function and signaling of the mitochondrial deubiquitinase, Usp30, and its relationship to Parkinson’s Disease. After transitioning to the Scientist track in 2014 my group has continued its collaborative spirit by undertaking new projects aimed at mechanistically and structurally characterizing novel targets in the oncology and infectious disease areas. We also work closely with the Display Group at Genentech and are enabling the use of non-natural amino acids in peptides and small proteins to create high-affinity tools for target validation and discovery.

Featured Publication

Palmitoylation of TEAD Transcription Factors Is Required for Their Stability and Function in Hippo Pathway Signaling.

Structure (2016); 24: 179-186.

Noland CL, Gierke S, Schnier P, Murray J, Sandoval WN, Sagolla M, Dey A, Hannoush RN, Fairbrother WJ, Cunningham CN.