Felix Yeh - Scientist, OMNI Biomarker Development

Felix Yeh

Scientist, OMNI Biomarker Development

"Passion and commitment to great science drives the discovery of transformative drug therapies."
Years at Genentech

After finishing my graduate work with Edwin Chapman, I joined as a postdoctoral fellow with Early Discovery Neuroscience at Genentech under the mentorship of Morgan Sheng to study the role of neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease. I was immediately drawn to the dedication at Genentech to science and the focus on patients. I became intimately aware that heterogeneity of patients in clinical trials and lack of biomarkers to assess effects of drug candidates in the clinic were large hurdles that led to drug failures and an inability to learn from those trials. As a result, I decided to join as a scientist in OMNI Biomarker Development to develop new tools to aid in our next generation clinical trials for neurodegeneration.

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