Georgia Hatzivassiliou - Principal Scientist, Translational Oncology

Georgia Hatzivassiliou

Principal Scientist, Translational Oncology

Postdoc Mentor
"The creativity, drive and collaborative spirit I share with my colleagues inspire and motivate me to strive for innovation in drug discovery."
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I joined Genentech in 2008 as a Scientist in Translational Oncology, and my laboratory has carried out research on several areas of Oncology including Cancer Signaling, Tumor Metabolism and Cancer Immunology. I am currently a Senior Scientist in Translational Oncology and my current research aims to understand the mechanisms of regulation of the PI3K pathway that is the most frequently altered pathway in cancer.

What attracted me to Genentech was the potential to do cutting-edge research with a direct impact on cancer patients' lives. Since joining, I have had the opportunity to work with colleagues across the organization on exciting projects and have drawn inspiration from the creativity and drive that is an integral part of the research culture here. My current area of research aims to identify novel players involved in the regulation of PI3K activity with the goal of discovering new ways to target this critical pathway.

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