Haochu Huang - Principal Scientist, Translational Oncology

Haochu Huang

Principal Scientist, Translational Oncology

"Genentech’s commitment to basic biology and innovation is fundamental to novel drug development."
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I joined Genentech in 2016. Prior to Genentech, I was a faculty member at the University of Chicago studying immune tolerance and autoimmune disease. I was fascinated by tumor immunology as tumors represent a unique “self” to the immune system. The recent success of cancer immunotherapy has been revolutionizing the field, and I was thrilled to join Genentech to develop novel immunotherapies that could have direct impact on patients.

Featured Publication

Self-Antigen-Driven Thymic B Cell Class Switching Promotes T Cell Central Tolerance.

Cell Rep. 2016 Oct 4;17(2):387-398.

Perera J, Zheng Z, Li S, Gudjonson H, Kalinina O, Benichou JIC, Block KE, Louzoun Y, Yin D, Chong AS, Dinner AR, Weigert M, Huang H.