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Jack Sadowsky - Senior Scientist, Protein Chemistry

Jack Sadowsky

Senior Scientist, Protein Chemistry

"I am privileged to work collaboratively with the most creative scientific minds on the planet to bring innovative new therapies to patients."
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I arrived at Genentech in 2013, having come directly from a 2-year stint at a small startup company. It was a difficult decision to leave an environment where I felt I had a profound impact on the direction of an entire company and a sense that I was building an innovative and transformative new drug discovery technology from the ground up. My initial concern was that working within a large company like Genentech would dilute any impact I could have either on drug discovery or on shaping an already-world-class research organization. I have been proven wrong. At Genentech, I have seen first-hand how a nascent idea dreamed up can transform into a portfolio project or how a chemical widget from graduate school can be incorporated into a clinical drug candidate or how impactful a single scientist can be on major research decisions at the highest level. Genentech provides me, as a scientist, a unique opportunity, resources, and access to bright and creative scientific colleagues to take innovative ideas from the imagination to the bench to the clinic.

Featured Publication

Development, optimization and structural characterization of an efficient peptide-based photoaffinity crosslinking reaction for generation of homogeneous conjugates from wild-type antibodies.

Bioconj chem. 2019;30(1):148-160.

Vance N, Zacharias N, Ultsch M, Li G, Fourie A, Liu P, LaFrance-Vanasse J, Ernst JA, Sandoval W, Kozak KR, Phillips G, Wang W, Sadowsky J