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Joe Arron - Vice President and Senior Fellow, Immunology

Joe Arron

Vice President and Senior Fellow, Immunology

Postdoc Mentor
"We are uniquely positioned to deliver new therapies that help patients with unmet needs to live normal lives."
Years at Genentech

After completing a combined MD-PhD degree at Cornell and Rockefeller and postdoctoral studies at Stanford, I joined Genentech in 2006. My laboratory has employed genetic and genomic tools in primary human tissue, clinical trial samples, and preclinical model systems to discover mechanisms of pathogenesis, candidate therapeutic targets, and biomarkers for respiratory diseases.

In addition to supervising translational research in my laboratory, I oversee two research groups. Immunology Discovery is a department of 14 laboratories responsible for target discovery and preclinical therapeutic development in inflammatory, autoimmune, fibrotic, and ophthalmic diseases. Biomarker Discovery-OMNI is a department of 8 laboratories responsible for patient selection strategies, biomarker discovery, indication selection, and reverse translation for the immunology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, and infectious disease therapeutic areas.

Postdoctoral Mentor

One privilege of working at Genentech is being a part of a long tradition of top quality basic and translational research. While it is essential to do the rigorous and focused experiments necessary to develop therapeutics, it is just as essential to explore uncharted areas of biology to yield new insights that may pay off further in the future. Our postdoctoral program represents a great opportunity to take a deep dive into fundamental mechanisms of human disease. Postdocs have a lot of latitude to explore new areas and bring to bear the incredible resources and infrastructure available at Genentech. It is the best of both worlds – a postdoc can do great research and gain valuable exposure to the drug development process.

Featured Publication

An Allosteric Anti-tryptase Antibody for the Treatment of Mast Cell-Mediated Severe Asthma.

Cell, ISSN: 10974172 00928674

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