Lauri Diehl - Principal Scientist, Pathology

Lauri Diehl

Principal Scientist, Pathology

"Like most scientists, I find a lot of satisfaction in getting even one small step closer to understanding how biologic processes work. But what really pushes me to work harder, think more broadly, and try new things is the possibility that our research could result in better outcomes for patients suffering from severe chronic diseases."
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Genentech was a company which captured my imagination during my residency and later research training. Genentech scientists were publishing cutting-edge research results but were also integrated into an active biotechnology company with the goal of translating scientific discovery into practical therapeutics. I thought taking an idea from bench research to clinical medicine would be an exciting and rewarding scientific opportunity.

I joined the research pathology group at Genentech in late 2002. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. I've been a part of collaborative research programs where drugs are now moving into clinical trials, and I've had the chance to pursue new research ideas of my own. I still find the possibility of translating basic scientific research into improved clinical benefit to be the most compelling part of my job.

Featured Publication

Dendritic cell CD83 homotypic interactions regulate inflammation and promote mucosal homeostasis.

Mucosal Immunology. 2015 8(2):414-428

Bates J.M., Flanagan K., Mo L., Ding J., Ho S., Liu S., Roose-Girma M., Warming S., Diehl L.