Marcia Belvin - Associate Director, Cancer Immunology

Marcia Belvin

Associate Director, Cancer Immunology

"Working at Genentech, you are surrounded by people who are driven by the same goal - helping patients. It's a company-wide vision that motivates everyone. I feel very fortunate to have such an important goal to strive for and to work in a company with the means to achieve it."
Years at Genentech

Being at Genentech provides me the opportunity to work in a research-driven company with extremely smart, collaborative colleagues who all share a passion for translating science into help for cancer patients. The Cancer Immunology Department focuses on understanding the interplay between the immune system and the tumor, and translating that understanding into therapies that provide benefit to patients.

Featured Publication

Mechanism of MEK inhibition determines efficacy in mutant KRAS- versus BRAF-driven cancers

Nature, 2013, ISSN: 0028-0836

Hatzivassiliou, Georgia; Haling, Jacob R; Chen, Huifen; Song, Kyung; Price, Steve; Heald, Robert; Hewitt, Joanne F M; Zak, Mark; Peck, Ariana; Orr, Christine; Merchant, Mark; Hoeflich, Klaus P; Chan, Jocelyn; Luoh, Shiuh-Ming; Anderson, Daniel J; Ludlam, Mary J C; Wiesmann, Christian; Ultsch, Mark; Friedman, Lori S; Malek, Shiva; Belvin, Marcia