Mark Zak - Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry

Mark Zak

Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry

"Genentech has a deep commitment to advancing fundamental science and the resources to transform new discoveries into medicines. I am energized by the ability to influence all stages of drug discovery to bring new therapies to patients."
Years at Genentech

After completing my PhD in Organic Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute I joined the Genentech Discovery Chemistry department in 2005. Since then I have contributed to projects spanning basic research, lead discovery / optimization, and clinical development. I have worked in the oncology, infectious disease, and immunology disease areas as an individual contributor, chemistry team leader, and project team leader. In my current role I lead a team of approximately 60 scientists on a drug discovery program for immunology. My mandate is to deliver a molecule with a preclinical potency and safety profile meriting study in clinical trials. In my time at Genentech I have been fortunate enough to contribute to three clinical candidate molecules. It is extremely satisfying to first discover a molecule in the lab, progress it through preclinical testing, and ultimately advance it to human patients.

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