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Melissa Schutten - Senior Principal Scientist - Pathologist, Safety Assessment Pathology

Melissa Schutten

Senior Principal Scientist - Pathologist, Safety Assessment Pathology

"Genentech provides a highly collaborative, fast-paced and scientifically rigorous environment that allows people to grow both personally and professionally. The scientists here are driven to succeed, innovative and, most importantly, curious."
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I joined Genentech in 2010 after being on staff at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, working in the field of comparative cancer biology and pathology. I have always been interested in animal models of human disease, particularly cancer, and was increasingly motivated to transition from basic research to translational research where I could focus my efforts on developing cancer drugs for human patients. I was drawn to Genentech by its reputation for being scientifically rigorous and collaborative, as well as being highly successful at bringing novel oncology therapies to market. I have been working in cancer drug research and development, mainly on the antibody drug conjugate platform, since 2010.

Featured Publication

Tankyrase Inhibition Causes Reversible Intestinal Toxicity in Mice with a Therapeutic Index < 1

2016. Tox. Path. Feb; 44(2) 267-78.

Zhong Y., Katavolos P., Nguyen T., Boggs J., Sambrone A., Kan D., Merchant M., Harstad E., Diaz D., Zak M., Costa M., Schutten, M.M.