Melissa Starovasnik - Vice President, Protein Sciences

Melissa Starovasnik

Vice President, Protein Sciences

"I am inspired by our exceptionally bright colleagues who are fearless in pursuing life-changing medicines."
Years at Genentech
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I was drawn to pursue research at Genentech, first as a postdoc in 1993 and later as a scientist in 1995, because of the exciting and top-quality science being conducted in a fun collaborative manner. My role has evolved and expanded significantly over the years, where in addition to pursuing science and departmental leadership, I also served as head of Research Operations from 2008-2012, in which I oversaw all operational activities for the >1300-member research organization. As Vice President, Protein Sciences, I am now responsible for all protein therapeutics discovery at Genentech overseeing the departments of Antibody Engineering, Protein Chemistry, and Structural Biology, while serving on the Research Leadership Team and Research Review Committee. I am privileged to work with outstanding scientists throughout the organization to bring forward therapeutic candidates with the goal to transform medicine and help patients.

Featured Publication

Structural Basis for the Dual Recognition of Helical Cytokines IL-34 and CSF-1 by CSF-1R

Structure, 2012, ISSN: 0969-2126

Ma, Xiaolei; Lin, Wei Yu; Chen, Yongmei; Stawicki, Scott; Mukhyala, Kiran; Wu, Yan; Martin, Flavius; Bazan, J. Fernando; Starovasnik, Melissa A