Michael Townsend - Associate Director, Biomarker Discovery OMNI

Michael Townsend

Associate Director, Biomarker Discovery OMNI

Postdoc Mentor
"Genentech is committed to a gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying pathophysiology and heterogeneity of human disease. This will allow us to develop the right drugs for the right patients."
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After undergraduate and graduate training in the United Kingdom, I moved to the United States for postdoctoral training and then joined Genentech as a scientist and founding member of the ITGR Diagnostic Discovery department. The department is studying fundamental biological heterogeneity in the diseases of therapeutic interest, and is using these insights as the basis for discovery and implementation of biomarkers that stratify patients into subgroups. This approach has demonstrated that drug response outcome is affected by underlying biological heterogeneity. These findings now underpin how we develop new therapies and identify targets in patient subgroups where existing therapies are not effective.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Genentech has a proud tradition of world-class basic and translational research, and the postdoctoral program here allows for important questions about fundamental biological mechanisms to be addressed independently of drug development programs. The large clinical trials conducted by the Roche group gives us unprecedented access to highly clinically characterized patients with matching data on treatment outcome, genetic variants, and disease state. A postdoc will be able to leverage these resources and study biological pathways of interest aided by world class scientific infrastructure, and also gain exposure to the drug development process.

Featured Publication

Synovial phenotypes in rheumatoid arthritis correlate with response to biologic therapeutics.

Arthritis Res Ther. 2014; 16:R90.

Dennis G Jr, Holweg CT, Kummerfeld SK, Choy DF, Setiadi AF, Hackney JA, Haverty PM, Gilbert H, Lin WY, Diehl L, Fischer S, Song A, Musselman D, Klearman M, Gabay C, Kavanaugh A, Endres J, Fox DA, Martin F, Townsend MJ.