Minhong  Yan - Principal Scientist, Molecular Oncology

Minhong Yan

Principal Scientist, Molecular Oncology

Postdoc Mentor
"It is extremely satisfying that our work has the potential to significantly impact patients' life."
Years at Genentech

I started to work at Genentech as a postdoc with Vishva Dixit in 1997 to investigate signaling pathways regulating cell survival and death. One of the important incentives to work at Genentech is being able to explore basic biology while conducting translation research and drug discovery. Working at Genentech has expanded my research to various fronts and disease areas.

Postdoctoral Mentor

I came to Genentech in 1997 as a postdoc in the laboratory of Vishva Dixit. My own career has benefited tremendously from our postdoc program that offers diverse resources and rich academic culture. Now as a postdoc mentor, I would like to provide my support to the research career development of current postdocs.

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