Priti Hegde - Director/Senior Scientist, Oncology Biomarker Development

Priti Hegde

Director/Senior Scientist, Oncology Biomarker Development

"Be passionate about what you do for a living."
Years at Genentech

I have spent nearly 2 decades of my career in studying human cancer biology and mechanisms by which we can better tailor therapies for patients based on their tumor molecular fingerprints.

Ever since joining Genentech in 2007, my interests have mostly been in studying the tumor microenvironment. In addition to studying markers associated with clinical benefit to anti-angiogenesis agents, my research interests now focus on biological mechanisms associated with efficacy or escape to immunotherapy agents in human cancers. Working at Genentech, we have the luxury of interrogating human tumor biology from large clinical trials that enable us to develop hypotheses that can be interrogated in humans in real time.

I am currently Director and Global Franchise Lead for Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarkers. I lead a group of 20 individuals whose responsibilities include identifying diagnostic strategies for cancer immunotherapies, studying mechanisms of action of immunotherapy agents in patients and interrogating mechanisms associated with immune escape to enable smart combination strategies for patients with cancer.

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