Richard Carano - Principal Scientist , Biomedical Imaging

Richard Carano

Principal Scientist , Biomedical Imaging

Postdoc Mentor
"Working at Genentech has offered me the rewarding opportunity to not only contribute to the development of new imaging diagnostics, but also to contribute in the development of treatments for diseases."
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I joined Genentech's Biomedical Imaging Group in 2000. My educational background is in biomedical and electrical engineering with a focus on medical imaging and image analysis. Prior to joining Genentech, I had worked in both academia and industry developing imaging methods to study disease and monitor therapy. I chose to come to Genentech because it offers the exciting opportunity to develop novel imaging methods in tandem with the development of novel therapeutics, where imaging can be used not only to assess the efficacy of the compound, but also to provide insight into the mode of action of the drug.

Genentech provides the resources and the collaborative environment needed to tackle such tasks in an efficient and thorough manner. Since joining Genentech, my research efforts have been directed toward the development of micro-computed tomography, MRI, and ultrasound imaging techniques to quantify structural and physiological parameters. Our research efforts focus on developing the appropriate imaging and analysis methodologies that will best answer the biological question we are addressing.

Postdoctoral Mentor

One of the more rewarding experiences I have found at Genentech is being able to mentor post-doctoral researchers as part of Genentech’s Post Doc program. This program allows researchers and their mentors to investigate independent scientific research questions and make use of the tremendous resources that Genentech makes available for research. In addition, working at Genentech provides the post doc student the experience of working in a drug development research environment as they complete their post-doctoral studies and make decisions about future career directions.

Featured Publication

Mapping in vivo tumor oxygenation within viable tumor by 19F-MRI and multispectral analysis.

Neoplasia. 2013 Nov;15(11):1241-50.

Shi Y, Oeh J, Eastham-Anderson J, Yee S, Finkle D, Peale FV Jr, Ross J, Hedehus M, van Bruggen N, Venook R, Ross S, Sampath D, Carano RAD.