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Sarah Hymowitz - VP Protein Sciences, Protein Sciences

Sarah Hymowitz

VP Protein Sciences, Protein Sciences

Postdoc Mentor
"I am motivated by the hope that our work may someday help patients. I am inspired by the talents and insights of my colleagues."
Years at Genentech
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I started at Genentech as a postdoctoral fellow in 1999 studying the structure and function of members of the TNF super family of ligands and receptors. I was attracted to Genentech by the excellent science and the collaborative environment. In my current role, I have the privilege of working with colleagues on discovery, large molecule and small molecule projects. The Protein Science departments are responsible for the discovery of reagent and therapeutic antibodies. We also create biological reagents and data that further our understanding of the structure, function, and regulation of proteins of therapeutic interest and collaboratively enable the discovery of novel large molecule and small molecule therapeutics.

Featured Publication

Activation Mechanism of Oncogenic Deletion Mutations in BRAF, EGFR, and HER2.

Cancer Cell. 2016 Apr 11;29(4):477-493.

Foster SA, Whalen DM, Özen A, Wongchenko MJ, Yin J, Yen I, Schaefer G, Mayfield JD, Chmielecki J, Stephens PJ, Albacker LA, Yan Y, Song K, Hatzivassiliou G, Eigenbrot C, Yu C, Shaw AS, Manning G, Skelton NJ, Hymowitz SG, Malek S.