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Saroja Ramanujan - Principal Scientist, Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics; Translational & Systems Pharmacology

Saroja Ramanujan

Principal Scientist, Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics; Translational & Systems Pharmacology

"Every patient, disease, tissue, and cell is a complex system. Understand what makes the system tick and you can find a way to treat it. The cutting-edge research and scientific talent at Genentech make it an ideal environment to do just that."
Years at Genentech

My passion is applying engineering approaches to understand the fascinating complexity of biological systems in order to develop medicines that improve the lives of people suffering from devastating diseases.

I have a background in chemical engineering, with a BSE in from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, after which I did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Steele Lab for Tumor Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Starting in 2001, I spent 9 years at the systems modeling biotechnology company, Entelos Inc, followed by a few years as an Associate Director at the rheumatology diagnostics company, Crescendo Biosciences.

I joined Genentech in 2012 to implement and lead the Translational and Systems Pharmacology group. Our group focuses on mathematical modeling and computational analysis of complex biological systems to support drug development from basic research through clinical development. We work closely with our collaborators in different departments to support target evaluation, compound design, pharmacokinetic understanding, biomarker and diagnostics strategy, clinical trial planning, and drug safety across different therapeutic areas and molecular formats.

At Genentech, I also get to pursue another passion of mine, K-12 education, by participating in the “Gene Academy” program, which works with local schools to provide mentorship and tutoring.

Featured Publication

A mechanistic systems pharmacology model for prediction of LDL lowering by PCSK9 antagonism in human dyslipidemic populations.

CPT Pharmacometrics Syst Pharmacol. 2014 Nov 26;3:e149.

Gadkar K, Budha N, Baruch A, Davis JD, Fielder PJ, Ramanujan S.