Shengya Cao - Principal Scientist, Microchemistry, Proteomics & Lipidomics (MPL)

Shengya Cao

Principal Scientist, Microchemistry, Proteomics & Lipidomics (MPL)

"Cells are talking; we need the right ears to listen."
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Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by the complexity of information conveyed by seemingly simple protein interactions. At Genentech, my lab focuses on discovering the receptor-ligand interactions that underlie human disease by combining an engineer’s eye for technological innovation with a drive to answer scientific questions. Here, I collaborate closely with Genentech’s leading experts in immunology, oncology, neuroscience and infectious diseases to fuel therapeutic discoveries with strong foundations in basic science.

Featured Publication

Constitutive centromere-associated network contacts confer differential stability on CENP-A nucleosomes in vitro and in the cell.

Mol. Biol. Cell. mbc.E17-10-0596. * indicates co-first authorship.

Cao, S.*, Zhou, K.*, Zhang, Z., Luger, K., Straight, A.F. (2018)

Repressor transcription factor 7-like 1 promotes adipogenic competency in precursor cells.

PNAS. 108(39). Pp. 16271-6.

Cristancho, A.G., Schupp, M., Lefterova, M.I., Cao, S., Cohen, D.M., Chen, C.S., Steger, D.J and Lazar, M.A. (2011)