Till Maurer - Senior Scientist, Structural Biology, NMR Spectroscopy

Till Maurer

Senior Scientist, Structural Biology, NMR Spectroscopy

"Genentech's scientists and team spirit inspire me to go beyond my boundaries, this and the wish to apply my knowledge to ultimately help patients makes me come to work with a feeling of pride and purpose."
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I felt attracted to Genentech because of its excellent scientific reputation. My experience had been about half and half academic and industrial, I gained expertise on protein NMR methods by determining multiple protein structures in solution in academia. I then moved to developing small molecule NMR methods in pharmaceutical drug discovery. At Genentech I strive to apply the two together to get the best of both approaches. I have not regretted my decision to come here for a single day.

Featured Publication

Small-molecule ligands bind to a distinct pocket in Ras and inhibit SOS-mediated nucleotide exchange activity.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109, 5299–5304 (2012).

Maurer T, Garrenton LS, Oh A, Pitts K, Anderson DJ, Skelton NJ, Fauber BP, Pan B, Malek S, Stokoe D, Ludlam MJ, Bowman KK, Wu J, Giannetti AM, Starovasnik MA, Mellman I, Jackson PK, Rudolph J, Wang W, Fang G.