Valerie Quarmby - Senior Fellow, BioAnalytical Sciences

Valerie Quarmby

Senior Fellow, BioAnalytical Sciences

"Genentech is a tremendously exciting place to work. Biotherapeutic development is constantly evolving, so I am always on a learning curve, building on experience and continuing to gather new information about the field. I really enjoy working in a cross-functional environment with terrific colleagues who are subject matter experts in a wide range of scientific disciplines."
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I joined Genentech as a Scientist in 1994 after a PhD and postdoctoral training in molecular and cellular endocrinology and in the clinical diagnostics industry. I initially generated bioanalytical methods and data to support molecules in our endocrine portfolio. Since then, I have had the opportunity to develop bioanalytical methods and/or strategies to enable IND, BLA, NDA and related filings for most of the approved biotherapeutics in our portfolio. I also learned a tremendous amount about drug development during my time as Pharmacology Team Leader for a particular medicine. I think that the most rewarding aspect of my job is developing medicines that make it into the clinic for the treatment and management of life-threatening diseases.

Featured Publication

Generation and Characterization of a Unique Reagent that Recognizes a Panel of Recombinant Human Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics in the Presence of Endogenous Human IgG.

MAbs 2013, 5:540-554

Wang X, Quarmby V, Ng C, Chuntharapai A, Shek T, Eigenbrot C, Kelley R F, Shia S, McCutcheon K, Lowe J, Leddy C, Coachman K, Cain G, Chu F, Hotzel I, Maia M, Wakshull E, and Yang J.