Wendy Young - Senior Vice President, Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Wendy Young

Senior Vice President, Small Molecule Drug Discovery

"We all know friends and family members that have suffered with serious illness. It can be devastating. My goal, alongside my colleagues, is to discover agents that will treat these patients. The motto "patients are waiting" really hits home with everyone."
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I was drawn to join Genentech, in 2006, because of its reputation for doing excellent science and employing strong teamwork. At Genentech, any team member with a compelling idea gets a chance to be heard and access to the resources to move their idea forward. The organization is also very nimble and open-minded to incorporate processes to accelerate discovery and development.

Today, I am Vice President of Discovery Chemistry, I oversee a highly talented and experienced group of medicinal, computational and analytical chemists. These Genentech chemists are integral parts of our project teams to innovate and discover the next generation of medicines to treat patients in need.

What excites me the most is that, at Genentech, we have the brightest people, newest tools, and most know-how to continue to make huge strides in solving complex biological and medical issues. It is a huge opportunity and responsibility to shape the future treatments for patients in need.