Wenfeng Xu - Associate Director, BioAnalytical Sciences

Wenfeng Xu

Associate Director, BioAnalytical Sciences

"Discovery research is quite exciting, and translating scientific hypotheses into therapeutic possibilities is very rewarding."
Years at Genentech

Trained as a molecular biologist, I started my first job at a small biotech company ZymoGenetics in 1997, focusing on the novel protein identification through human genome project database mining. It’s really exciting to discover several cytokine and immune receptors (e.g. IL20, IL21, IL22, BAFF, IFN-lambda, TIGIT, B7H6), figure out their molecular interaction, explore immune function and disease indication. I joined Novo Nordisk in 2008, built and led a Molecular Immunology group, providing protein/Ab and molecular biology expertise, as well as next-gen sequencing, Mass Spec and bioinformatics technologies for target validation and trial support in the area of autoimmunity and inflammation. Joining Development Sciences at Genentech last year is a natural next step, trying to translate targets into therapeutic possibilities. I enjoy every day coming to work - great company, excellent science, smart people, opportunity to learn something new and make a difference for patients.

Featured Publication

Cutting Edge: identification of neutrophil PGLYRP1 as a ligand for TREM-1.

J Immunol. 2015 Feb 15; 194(4): 1417–1421.

Read CB, Kuijper JL, Hjorth SA, Heipel MD, Tang X, Fleetwood AJ, Dantzler JL,Grell SN, Kastrup J, Wang C, Brandt CS, Hansen AJ, Wagtmann NR, Xu W, Stenniche VW